What Contribute To An Outstanding Mobile App?

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2022-07-27 08:17:24

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Successful mobile applications require more than just effective marketing plans. They frequently share common requirements which you might incorporate into your mobile app. In fact, you should start thinking about these qualities even before you begin to plan how to construct your app. 


Factors contributing to an outstanding mobile app 

1. Great UI (User Interface) 

First impressions are crucial when considering an excellent mobile app. It’s like the way people make judgments about a book based on its cover. Therefore, how can your mobile application leave a positive and enduring impression? The secret is to create a friendly-user UI. 


Your mobile app's functionality and appearance are essential to its success. If your mobile application has a high churn rate, maybe because it doesn’t bring outstanding feelings compared to other competitors’ apps. Therefore, the user won't care to discover more about your app. 


Mobile app developers must accept the fact that the end-user typically operates from a mobile device with a tiny touchscreen. As a result, the UI should be minimal, minimizing design components that don't enhance the app's usability or functionality. What adding no value should be removed. 


Here are 3 Principles Of Mobile App Design To Bear In Mind


2. Short Loading Time  

Have you ever used an app that took a very long time to load and occasionally just crashed, froze, and shut down entirely? After all, if a mobile app doesn't function well, it is useless. Performance testing is needed to test the loading time of the mobile app.


If it takes too long for your app to load, people will instantly choose another similar one. Successful applications should load in under five seconds. However, more complicated apps like Facebook can occasionally take longer to launch since they need a lot of data to set up. Users frequently stay on Facebook because when they open the app, they may see the page loaded quickly. If this applies to your software, think about directing the user to a "loading" screen that lets them know the loading process is active. You can maintain high levels of user engagement in this manner. 




3. Helpful Customer Support 

You must keep in mind that not all mobile users are tech-savvy when choosing your target audience. There will always be customers who have download-related issues or general pre- or post-purchase inquiries. A successful app's customer service will respond to consumers' inquiries within hours, and occasionally even minutes. A single query can result in a purchase or an app referral. 


You'll start to realize that people keep asking you the same questions. Make a FAQ page for your users to save time, or even better, utilize machine learning tools to develop a chatbot that communicates with your consumers. Think about outsourcing any support-related tasks for other individual queries. 


4. Quick Adaptation To Users’ Needs 

Everyone wants to build fantastic software, but if you can't keep it successful in your users' viewpoint, it's all for nothing. Listening to user feedback is necessary to increase customer value. Mobile apps achieve this by adding new features, swiftly correcting bugs and security concerns, and optimizing their operations with each update. Your business objectives, different operating systems and other related factors may make this easier or harder. Be sure to speak with an app development provider about your best options. 


In some cases, you can collect the user feedback before realeasing a mobile app to make sure it meets wants and needs of users.


Take a trip down memory lane to comprehend this. Do you recall Angry Birds? It used to have more than 250 million app downloads, making it the most popular app on any platform. Yes, the game was entertaining to play, but it wasn't the main factor in its popularity. To keep clients satisfied, there were ongoing new upgrades that were provided without charge. 


5. Compatibility With Mobile Platforms 

A successful mobile application must be perfectly compatible with the platforms it is created for. These applications make use of the inherent advantages of mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet while keeping the features of the particular platform. A successful mobile app, therefore, can serve users using different devices. 


Consider the platform's capabilities and characteristics, as well as the policies and working conditions for different app stores, before developing your mobile application. To make use of a device's innate capabilities, use features like push notifications. Avoid utilizing unofficial features that won't operate with your mobile platform and could degrade the user experience. 


Compatibility testing is required in the steps.




Final thought

A company, nowadays, cannot compete if they don’t have any mobile application, because everyone now has a mobile device in their hand. But just building a mobile app is not enough, you need to make it become functional and user-friendly, in other words, great! Your wonderful mobile applications can gain attention, trust, and conversion.

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