How To Collect User Feedback Before Releasing Mobile Apps

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2022-08-26 10:45:24

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Mobile app development requires enormous personnel, long time, and huge financial investments. Therefore, we must minimize risks in order to cut down on additional costs. One of the most popular ways is to collect feedback from users. But gathering feedback before launching the mobile app is not easy. In this article, GCT Solution will provide you 4 methods to collect feedback from users before releasing mobile apps. 


4 Methods To Collect Feedback From Users Before Mobile Apps Are Launched

1. Market research

2. Direct interview

3. Focused group

4. Prototype testing


Let's discuss one by one!


Market Research

It is likely that the mobile app you are creating is not entirely original. You can identify the top competitors, because other companies, of course, have already done something similar. 


All data from the market enables you to gather customer insights. Consider benchmarking related mobile apps. Look at the prospects that your rivals are focusing on and what they are offering. Think about how you can improve all of them as well.


Customer reviews need serious consideration. What do they say about rival apps available on Google Play and App Stores? You can look for forums where people are discussing common interests. They might include details regarding the strengths and weaknesses of rival mobile apps. Unfavorable reviews represent unmet needs. Try to find a solution for each of these in your own application after writing them down. 


Direct Interviews

This approach is useful while developing a product. You may learn what users value, what interests them, and the features they expect. Direct interviews will deliver insightful and top-notch feedback.


The most effective approach to accomplish this is through a private interview. Avoid trying to affect the responses of interviewees. Use open-ended inquiries. For instance:


  • What attributes and capabilities do you want to see in the mobile app?
  • Which payment methods suit you the best?
  • What parts of the mobile app ought to be eliminated?


The primary objective of direct interviews is to conduct research on the user experience. The first moment is important because doing so will enhance the user experience moving forward.


You need to make a good impression in order to accomplish successful interviews. Write effective letters or emails to promote your project and persuade readers to take part in the study.


Focused Groups

You must determine the number of responders. Here, questions are announced to a group of people as opposed to one specific person. The conversation is monitored by the moderator.


Open-ended questions are appropriate in this case. Responding to them can include engaging in a dialogue. It is important to record any spoken words that seem important.


Group discussion provides varied perspectives. As a result, you can gain deeper insights. It is ideal that participants represent various user demographic groups.


gct solution collect user feedback before releasing mobile apps


Prototype Testing

This technique provides the most realistic outcomes. Through user prototype testing, you can discover issues that may have previously been overlooked. A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a must-have component of prototype testing.


Prototype testing is apparent because the user interface (UI) is appealing, simple, and enjoyable. Additionally, the prototype lets the user see the development version of the application, which enables for testing of the design. It is preferable to be aware of problems with regard to buttons, navigation, or color schemes in advance.


Prototyping testing may be more expensive than other methods. However, prototype testing offers the most practical and real-world details.


Prototype Techniques

On paper

In this scenario, a printed mockup of the application is displayed to users for evaluation. Find out if the user believes the interface is clear or what they think of the design.



These prototypes are more intricate and are made with specialized software like Sketch or Figma. The features that these applications offer vary based on your package. Overall, they are excellent tools to gather user feedback. They can assist you in gathering feedback on issues such as the organization of the material or the general impression of the application, among other things.


Prototypes with high precision

Although this testing approach uses the greatest resources, it yields the most insightful data. These prototypes function just like finished goods. As a result, a thorough evaluation of the application's structure, information, and functionality may be done.


gct solution collect user feedback releasing mobile apps


Final thought

Collecting feedback before launching mobile apps is crucial to businesses. Hopefully, GCT Solution helps you to have some tips to collect user feedback, making the way to success become shorter and easier.


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