Performance Testing: Definition, Types And Steps

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gct solution performance testing definition types steps

Performance testing is a type of software testing. Performance testing ensures that your software product or system performs well on the compatible platform, which brings the great user experience. In this article, GCT Solution will provide you information about performance testing, including definition, types and steps.


What Is Performance Testing In Software Development?

Performance testing is a form of software testing that focuses on how a system running the system performs under a particular load. This is not about finding software bugs or defects. Different performance testing types measure according to benchmarks and standards. Performance testing gives developers the diagnostic information they need to eliminate bottlenecks.


gct solution performance testing definition


Types Of Performance Testing

Load testing

Load testing measures how well a system performs when the workload, such as users or transactions, increases. When the workload goes up, the system needs to be measured in terms of response time and system endurance. That workload is within the range of typical working circumstances.


Stress testing

Stress testing is commonly referred to as “fatigue testing”. In contrast to load testing, stress testing is intended to measure system performance outside of the constraints of typical working settings. Stress testing is used for the case that users or transactions are available for the software to handle. In short, stress testing aims to measure the stability of the software. 


Spike testing

Spike testing measures how well software performs when a huge amount of workloads are rapidly and repeatedly increased. In a short period of time, the workload may be double or triple. Spike testing ensures that the system will run smoothly in that situation.


Endurance testing

Endurance testing, commonly referred to as “soak testing”, is an assessment of how software operates under typical workload conditions over a period of time. The goal of endurance testing is to look for system issues like memory leaks. Because memory leak happens when a system neglects to free up memory that has been used up, it may cause the system to malfunction or perform poorly.


Scalability testing

Scalability testing evaluates the ability to handle increasing workloads of a software product. Testers carry out this method by progressively increasing the user load or data volume while keeping an eye on system performance. Additionally, even though resources like CPUs and memory are altered, the workload could remain unchanged.


Volume testing

Volume testing evaluates the effectiveness of software performance with significant expected data volumes. Because the test floods the system with data, it is often referred to as "flood testing."


gct solution performance testing types


A Complete Performance Testing Process

1. Determine the testing environment

The testing team can design different test cases and foresee performance testing issues by determining the hardware, software, network configurations, and tools available. Options for performance testing environments include:


  • Subset of production system with fewer servers of lower specification
  • Subset of production system with fewer servers of the same specification
  • Replica of productions system
  • Actual production system


2. Specify performance indicators

You must determine a set of criteria for the performance testing. For example, you can use response time, error rate, and restrictions.


3. Identify performance evaluations

It is necessary to choose performance test scenarios that combine user variability, test results, and target metrics. As a result, one or two models will be produced.


4. Set up test environment

Set up the components of the test environment and the resources monitoring equipment.


5. Put your test plan into action

You construct the tests based on aforementioned requirements. Then you run the performance tests. You also need to record the data.


6. Analyze, report, and retest.

You share the results of the data analysis to all development team members. You may need to repeat the performance tests with both the original parameters and new ones.


gct solution performance testing process


Final thought

Performance testing is a must if you want to bring your customers or users the greatest experience, because it ensures that your software products run smoothly and quickly.

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