45 Software Testing Interview Questions With Sample Answers (Part 2)

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2022-12-16 03:35:21

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In order to help you feel more confident and well-prepared before an interview about software testing, GCT Solution provides a series of common software testing interview questions for tester or QA positions. These questions are collected after consulting with our experienced, professional manual and automation testers. Before reading this section, please read 45 Questions For Software Testing Interview With Sample Answers (Part 1).


45 Common Software Testing Interview Questions (Part 2)


16. What do you need to prepare an acceptance plan?

Example answer: 

I often prepare the acceptance document using these inputs:

  • Requirement document specifying client requirements
  • Additional from clients, including discussions, emails, etc.
  • Project plan prepared by the PM


17. Can you tell me what is test coverage?

Example answer:

Test coverage assists to measure the amount of testing carried out by a set of tests. Test coverage can be used in both functional and non-functional testing.


18. What are types of coverage techniques?

Example answer:

There are 3 major types of coverage techniques:


  • Statement coverage ensuring that each line of source code has been executed and tested.
  • Decision coverage ensuring that every decision (true/false) in the source code has been executed and tested.
  • Path coverage ensuring that all possible routes through a given part of the code are executed and tested.


19. What is load testing?

Example answer:

Load testing validates how the system interacts with the expected user load. It may include the number of users on the system, or the resources accessing the database.


20. What is stress testing?

Example answer:

Stress testing validates how the system interacts with stress. This kind of testing can help to identify the upper limit and make changes/ modifications to raise the limit.


21. What should be included in test scenarios?

Example answer:

  • The module or component being tested, such as login credentials, contact forms or admin functions
  • Scenario ID
  • Description of the scenario
  • The importance of the scenario


22. What are differences between static and dynamic testing?

Example answer:

  • Static testing aims to improve the consistency and internal quality of work products. Dynamic testing mainly concentrates on externally visible behaviors of the software products.
  • Static testing helps to detect defects in work products directly and quickly. Dynamic testing identifies failures triggered by defects when the software is run in real time.
  • Compared with dynamic testing it is easier and cheaper to find and fix defects with static testing.


23. What should be included in the work product review process?

Example answer:

A work product review process contains 5 main phases:

  • Planning
  • Initiate review
  • Individual review
  • Issue analysis
  • Fixing and reporting


gct solution software testing interview questions


24. When do you need software testing maintenance?

Example answer:

Software testing maintenance is necessary in these situations:

  • Modification, such as planned improvements, corrective and emergency changes, changes of the operational system.
  • Migration from one platform to another, or data conversion when integrating 


25. Can you list testing defects of user acceptance testing?

Example answer:

  • System workflows is not accurate according to business or user requirements 
  • Business or project rules are not implemented properly
  • System does not satisfy contractual requirements 
  • Non-functional failures, namely security vulnerabilities, inadequate performance efficiency, or improper operation


26. Please name testing defects of component/ unit testing.

Example answer:

  • Incorrect functionalities
  • Data flow problems
  • Incorrect code and logic


27. Can you name testing defects of component integration testing?

Example answer:

  • Incorrect data, missing data, incorrect data encoding
  • Incorrect sequencing or timing of interface calls
  • Interface mismatch
  • Failures in interactions between components
  • Failures in communication between components 
  • Incorrect assumptions about the meaning, units, or boundaries of the data being passed between components


28. Can you list testing defects of system integration testing?

Example answer:

  • Inconsistent message structures among systems
  • Incorrect data, missing data
  • Interface mismatch
  • Failures in communication among systems
  • Incorrect assumptions about the meaning, units, etc. 
  • Failures to follow mandatory security regulations


29. Name some testing defects of system testing

Example answer:

  • Incorrect calculations
  • Incorrect or unexpected system functional or non-functional behaviors
  • Incorrect control and data flows within the system
  • Failure to operate end-to-end functional tasks
  • System failure to work well in the system environments
  • System failure to work as described in system and user manuals


30. What are included in test execution work products?

Example answer:

In test execution work products, there are:

  • Documentation reporting test cases and test procedures
  • Defect reports
  • Documentation about test items, test objects, test tools, and testware 


31. What should be included in test completion work products?

Example answer:

Test completion work products should include 4 main parts:

  • Test summary reports
  • Actions to improve subsequent projects or iterations
  • Changes in requests and product backlog items
  • Finalized testware


gct solution differences between static and dynamic testing


Final thoughts

Hopefully, these software testing interview questions suggested by the QA team of GCT Solution will help you to have better preparation before your career turning points. And don’t forget to read other articles in this series for more interesting, insightful software testing interview questions with sample answers from experienced testers.


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