IT Project Managers: Who Are They?

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Chi Vo

2022-12-21 07:51:20

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IT project management is a complete process, containing planning, scheduling, execution, monitoring and reporting of IT projects. Since IT projects have a large scope of work, IT project managers, as known as PM, must deal with interdependent integrations, software updates, flexibility, risks and so on. Therefore, in order to become an IT project manager, you need more than the typical project management tools and skills to work well in the software development team.


In this article, GCT Solution will provide an overview of IT project managers: the role of a project manager, responsibilities of a project manager and skills of a project manager. 


The Role Of A Project Manager In A Software Development Team

IT Project Managers, or PM, work in the Technology or Delivery department of a company. They ensure conducting, planning and implementing various technical projects. 


Firstly, the PM collaborates closely with the technical team, or software development team, including Business Analyst (BA), Developers, Data Analyst & Data ScienceDevOps Engineers, Testers, etc. They always keep an eye on the process of the team, ensuring the implementation of the software development life cycle runs smoothly. 


Secondly, the PM works closely with clients to verify their needs and preferences, then has strategies to improve or customize the product. Then, the PM continuously inspects the working progress to ensure that the development team is on the right track with the requirements from clients. When the project is launched and released, the PM must attend a post-project debriefing session with the clients.


Nowadays, in many businesses, IT project managers are the strategic forces behind IT initiatives. They are frequently in charge of creating the plan, distributing the resources, and organizing the teams. In some cases, they may also be in charge of IT talent acquisition and IT training.


The Responsibilities Of A Project Manager

IT processes for an organization are implemented by IT project managers. Here are some major duties and tasks of an IT project manager in software development projects:

  • Setting project goals 
  • Creating strategies and tactics to meet goals
  • Ensure the project schedule and budget to be on the right track
  • Managing resources (team members, equipment, etc.)
  • Identifying responsibilities and assigning tasks to team members
  • Using IT project management tools to keep track of progress and performance
  • Managing project risks and and mitigation efforts
  • Effectively communicating with stakeholders (clients, vendors, executive leaders, etc.)
  • Gathering, analyzing, and reporting IT metrics, or project metrics


Necessary Skills Of A Project Manager

An IT Project Manager, or PM, must have a strong set of certain skills, so that they can keep both their own tasks and the team progress effective and efficient:

  • Strategic planning to create strategies and tactics
  • Advanced computer skills as well as knowledge of operating systems, network administration and service desk administration
  • Organization and time management skills 
  • Resource allocation and task scheduling
  • Data analysis and management
  • Quality management
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 
  • Problem-solving skills to quickly address issues during project development
  • Leadership skills to manage teams
  • Interpersonal skills to keep teamwork in harmony
  • Foreign language proficiency if the business require the PM to handle foreign documents and work with foreign clients/ vendors


gct solution it project managers


Final thoughts

IT project managers are crucial to the development of software. They make sure that everyone, including development teams, clients and stakeholders, receives the right information. Also, the PM ensure the quality of the output with the time and budget available. In short, their value is guaranteeing on-time, high-quality delivery of your software project.


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