45 Interview Questions On Software Testing With Sample Answers (Part 3)

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2022-12-16 03:58:48

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In order to help you feel more confident and well-prepared before an interview about software testing, GCT Solution provides a series of common software testing interview questions for tester or QA positions. These questions are collected after consulting with our experienced, professional manual and automation testers. Before reading this section, please read 45 Questions For Software Testing Interview With Sample Answers (Part 1) and 45 Software Testing Interview Questions With Sample Answers (Part 2).


45 Common Interview Questions On Software Testing (Part 3)


31. What is the biggest difference between debugging and testing?

Example answer:

Testing aims to illustrate failures that are caused by defects in the software. Debugging includes finding, analyzing, and fixing such defects.


32. What are differences among errors, defects and failures?

Example answer:

  • A person can make an error, understood as a mistake, in software development.
  • An error that leads to the introduction of a defect (fault or bug).
  • If code containing a defect is executed, this may cause a failure.


33. What is a test process consists of?

Example answer:

A test process includes 7 main parts:

  • Test planning
  • Test monitoring and control 
  • Test analysis 
  • Test design
  • Test implementation
  • Test execution 
  • Test completion


34. What is the biggest difference between test analysis and test design?

Example answer:

Test analysis answers the question “what to test?”. Test design answers the question “how to test?”.


35. List some objects of integration testing.

Example answer:

  • Subsystems 
  • Databases 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Interfaces 
  • APIs
  • Microservices


36. Name some objects of integration testing.

Example answer:

  • Applications 
  • Hardware/ software systems
  • Operating systems
  • System under test (SUT)
  • System configuration
  • Configuration data


37. How many major types of acceptance testing?

Example answer:

There are 4 main types of acceptance testing

  • User acceptance testing: to check if the software product meets the needs and fulfill requirements of clients.
  • Operational acceptance testing: to check if the operators or system administrators can keep the system working properly in the operational, or production environment.
  • Regulatory acceptance testing: to check if the software product complies with government, legal, and/ or safety regulations.
  • Alpha and beta testing: to check if users can use the system under normal conditions as well as in the operational environments.


38. What are different types of review in the work product review process?

Example answer:

Basically, there are 4 main types of review:

  • Informal review: to detect potential defects
  • Walkthrough: to find defects, improve the software, consider better alternatives
  • Technical review: to gain consensus and detect potential defects
  • Inspection: to detect potential defects, evaluate quality and preventing future similar defects through author learning and root cause analysis


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39. Take examples of success factors for reviews.

Example answer:

To me and according to my experience, I appreciate these points:

  • Objectives are clear
  • Team members have adequate time and data to prepare
  • Reviews are scheduled with adequate agenda and notice
  • Reviews are integrated in the quality policies of the company, or test policies.


40. Based on which criteria can you choose test techniques?

Example answer:

Here are some factors I often use when considering test techniques:

  • The complexity of component and system
  • Regulatory standards
  • Requirements of client and contract
  • Available tools
  • Time and budget available
  • The types of defect in the component or system


41. List some characteristics of white-box testing

Example answer:

  • Test basis includes code, software architecture, detailed design, or any other source of information regarding the structure of the software.
  • Coverage is measured based on items that are tested within a selected structure and the technique applied.


42. What are the characteristics of black-box testing?

Example answer:

  • Test basis includes software requirements, specifications, use cases, and user stories.
  • Test cases help to detect gaps between the requirements and the implementation of the requirements.
  • Coverage is measured via the items tested and the technique applied.


43. What is equivalence partitioning?

Example answer:

Equivalence partitioning divides data into partitions, and all the members of a given partition are expected to be processed in the same way. Both valid and invalid values have equivalence partitions.


44. Name some factors that may influence the test effort

Example answer:

  • Characteristics of product 
  • Characteristics of development process 
  • Characteristics of human
  • Test results


45. Why do you need configuration management?

Example answer:

Because configuration management helps to establish and maintain the integrity of the component and system, the testware, and their connection to each other through the software development life cycle.


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Final thoughts

This part is the end of the series “45 Common Questions For Software Testing Interview”. Hopefully, this series provided by the QA team of GCT Solution will help you to have better confidence in each interview. And don’t forget to read and save other articles in the series for more common interview questions on software testing with sample answers from experienced testers.


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