CRM System (Customer Relationship Management System)

We offer a system to assist staff in managing information flow, enhancing productivity and strategy effectiveness.


Team size Duration Contract type
10 people >10 years Lab-type






1. Building test cases

A test case is a test scenario measuring functionality across a set of actions or conditions to verify the expected result. We provide both manual and automation testers, and make use of test case management tools.


2. Perform testing

This entails testing code while code is in a dynamic state. The strategy, techniques, and tools outlined in the test plan will be used. Therefore, the testers verify that the executable code really complies with the stated software requirements and the structural requirements of the design.


3. Providing sign off

Once testing is complete, a sign-off document is a formal way to acknowledge that the software has been thoroughly tested and it’s ready for release. It is sent to the respective stakeholders usually through email or other standard communication channels.


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