Spa booking app

The design is simple and easy to use, enabling customers to schedule appointments and shop.


GCT Solution developed a personalized application for a Japanese spa chain seeking to improve customer experience and convenience. The app enables seamless appointment booking, online payments, and access to various features. Designed with simplicity and user-friendliness, it reflects the spa's brand identity and values.

Team size: 5 people

Duration: 6 months

Contract type: Project-base


1. Analysis and Planning

We discuss with the client to describe essential preconditions for the application as its goals, functionality, main components, and possible interactions. Its main purpose is to guide the team along with the development and releasing processes.


2. Design

We create high-fidelity mockups that your developers use to display crucial functions. These mockups should include what happens when objects are tapped, swiped, dragged, etc.


3. Prototyping

We create wireframes and make adjustments based on feedback. A low-fidelity wireframe provides an overall sense of the operation and flow of your mobile app. 7-8 mock-ups are shown to clients.


4. Development

We write code with one or more programming languages. Here is where the Agile methodology is applied. We also incorporate an analytics engine into your mobile app. 


5. Testing

To make sure that any bugs are fixed as soon as possible, we carry out all testing types: automation and manual. We test performance, compatibility, usability and functionalities. 


6. Release

We support submitting the product to the App Store and Play Store. Also, we look for user feedback to schedule to make improvements later. 


7. Maintenance

We carry out the maintenance both during and after the release.We check your mobile app performance, address any problems that may happen, and ensure that it keeps functioning as intended. 




Languages OS Cloud Server Database
Swift Kotlin EC2 PostgreSQL
Kotlin Android RDS  


Main functions and features

(1) Book appointments

(2) Make order

(3) Add credit card

(4) Push notifications



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