Ballet Dancer SNS App

The project aims to develop a mobile app for ballet learners, enabling progress tracking, social interaction through practice video sharing, and feedback from instructors.

The goal of the project is to create a mobile application for ballet learners. This app allows users to monitor their learning progress through graphical data and annotations, interact with fellow learners by sharing practice videos on a social media platform, and receive feedback from instructors. Additionally, the app provides tutorial videos and information about ballet.

Team size  Duration Contract type
4 people 9 months Project-based



1. Analysis and Planning

During meetings with the client, both parties agree on the application's essential preconditions, such as functionalities, major elements, and interactions.


2. Prototyping

The development team drafts wireframes and modifies them in response to client comments. A low-fidelity wireframe gives a general idea of how things work and how the development process will proceed. Clients are shown 7-8 mock-ups.


3. Design

High-fidelity mockups are created by UI/UX designers, and developers show key features. These mockups show the results of actions like tapping, swiping, dragging, etc. on various objects.


4. Development

Our developers write code with different programming languages. Here is where the Agile methodology is applied. We also incorporate an analytics engine into the product. 


5. Testing

Our testers do manual and automated tests to guarantee that any defects are repaired as soon as feasible.. We test performance, compatibility, usability and functionalities. 


6. Release

GCT Solution support submitting the product to the App Store and Play Store, ensuring that no policies are violated. Also, we collect user feedback to schedule to make improvements later. 


7. Maintenance

The maintenance is conducted by our development team both before and after the release. We assess the performance, deal with any issues that may arise, and make sure it continues to operate as planned.




Languages OS Database Server
Kotlin Android   EC2
VueJS     Lambda
      API - Gateway

Main functions and features

(1) record daily training

(2) watch videos

(3) provide ballet school information

(4) provide information for ballet events: competitions, performances, workshops


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