When Does Your Business Should Make Website Redesign?

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Chi Vo

2022-12-08 08:30:21

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Deciding on a business website redesign is frequently harder than starting website construction from the beginning. If you do not have any website, you may have a strong sense of urgency and determination to build one, so that you can keep up with market demand and compete well. However, some companies owning websites, even with quite poorly designed, hesitate to make an investment in corporate website redesign.


GCT Solution, today, will discuss 3 signs showing that your business should carry out corporate website redesign.


When Is A Business Website Redesign Needed?

  • No major updates have been made within 2 years
  • Your business growth are slowed down
  • Your users keep asking similar questions


Let’s discuss in detail!


1. No major updates have been made within 2 years

Technology is always updated to meet different demands and predilection. Therefore, the website, as part of the technology, should be upgraded frequently so that your business can catch up with global trends and outweigh your competitors.


If a corporate website has not undergone any significant updates for the last 2 years, it is already outdated. It cannot impress your customers, so the conversion rate will be lower and lower. It may make your potential partners feel doubtful when visiting your website to find more information about your business. And it can even weaken your image in the eyes of competitors.


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2. Your business growth are slowed down

Your corporate website does not have to reflect every daily step or change, it is too detailed and causes overloaded information. However, you should have all information such as company history and blog arranged logically and eye-catchy.


Consider whether the features of your current website are an obstacle to both customers and administrators. In case you are the website administrator, maybe you now have so many products, and the website does not allow you to add new groups or brands. You have no choice but to stop releasing new information because no amount of rearrangement appears to help, which causes your products far away from awareness of customers.


Your corporate website should adapt to your business, like its growth, development, and changes. A corporate website redesign can help you to have a solid and user-friendly website as a powerful tool to execute your business strategy.


3. Your users keep asking similar questions

A business website is the main communication channel with customers, employees and partners, so it should define and meet all the demands these people have when they come to the website, such as company information and product lines. These parts must be categorized and arranged wisely, so that users do not find it difficult to find what they want.


If you keep receiving emails about similar questions, providing that the problems do not concern security or business secrets, you know that your website needs an update. If statistics show that users find it difficult to find information on your website, usually with a high bounce rate, there may be problems about UI/UX. Now, it is a must to redesign website.


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Final thoughts

Of course, when investing in anything, you want it to last long with high-quality operation. Sadly, website designs cannot remain for such a long time. An effective website is the one that is updated frequently to catch up with corporate development and global trends. Business website redesign, therefore, should be carried out regularly to attract your customers, partners and even employees.


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