How To Successfully Develop A Web App From Scratch?

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Chi Vo

2022-08-12 09:50:08

gct solution how to develop web app from scratch

Besides mobile apps, web apps or web applications play a crucial role in the growth of the business. However, in the fast-changing scene of technology, developing a proper web app is not easy for many businesses, especially startups with limited resources. In this article, GCT Solution specializing in web app development suggests 6 essential web app development steps to build successful products.

Process Of Web App Development Suggested By GCT Solution


Step 1: Product Conceptualization

This step includes arranging your ideas and making your vision for the web app clear. Here, you should mostly be asking yourself:

  • What do you want to develop?
  • What are the target clients of your product?
  • Why would these people need your product?
  • What is the goal you want to achieve by building this product?


It is quite beneficial to approach product creation with these questions. Even if your initial concept was a little crazy, like creating "the next Uber" or "Tinder for clothes," you can have more information about your upcoming product.

gct solution how to successfully develop a web app from scratch product conceptualization


Step 2: Web App Development Project Kickoff

You must plan a project kickoff meeting before your team begins working on implementing your proposal. Every team member should have the opportunity to meet other team members, know about their roles, and have some main information about the project.


Working with a team really requires connection, because it ensures that everyone is well informed. The kickoff meeting is also an opportunity to announce to everyone the mutual goals, guidelines, the meeting schedules, tools that will be utilized throughout the project, and so on. GCT Solution uses Slack, Jira and Figma. ‍


gct solution how to successfully develop a web app from scratch project kickoff


Step 3: Web App Discovery Phase

We always advise a discovery phase  to our clients, although it comes after the kickoff meeting. When you and your team are in the discovery phase, you can:

  • Verify the feasibility of the initial vision by building software prototypes.
  • Test different web technologies and tools.
  • Define the Minimal Viable Product (MVP).
  • Design the infrastructure and plan the deployments of your product.
  • Uncover the in-depth needs, wants, and pains of your target audience.


A discovery phase allows you to test several solutions and choose the best one, which helps to cut down resources and lower risks. Your team should have a complete project backlog—a list of the tasks throughout the project lifecycle—by the end of this session.


Working with a verified set of criteria will increase productivity and effectiveness. Therefore, investing some time in this preliminary work is truly worthwhile.


gct solution how to successfully develop a web app from scratch discovery phase


Step 4: Web App Wireframes & Designs

A critical phase of web development is product design. Clients frequently expect eye-catching, colorful interfaces. However, the best designs must originate from simple wireframes.


It is effective to start with low-fidelity wireframes or mockups to see if your concepts are reasonable and if the navigation is simple to understand. The wireframing phase also helps to confirm that the efforts of all team members are in line with the mutual objectives.


Collaboration will be made easier by tools that allow for the access and sharing of designs. We, GCT Solution, prefer Adobe XD and Figma.


gct solution how to successfully develop a web app from scratch wireframes designs


Step 5: Web App Development

An appropriate framework can well support this stage. Agile frameworks, which GCT Solution uses, are ideal for creating web applications. The development team produces an increment over a period of two weeks for each iteration.


The ability to continually offer value and increase flexibility is one of key benefits of the Agile methodology. Does your client want to make any requirements changes? No problem, you just need to include it in the subsequent iteration. Additionally, the entire procedure is quite flexible and transparent.


You should pay much attention to Quality Assurance (QA) and Release preparation:


Quality Assurance: You should have a QA specialist on your team, taking responsibility for testing each product increment. Quality assurance (QA) is a continuous process that is parallel with the development efforts. GCT Solution can help you assure the quality of your web app products.


Release preparation: Of course, you want to launch your product successfully and receive positive user feedback. Make sure the product functions work well on the expected platforms via different test cases. Be knowledgeable about policies and procedures of the platforms as well.


gct solution how to successfully develop a web app from scratch development


Step 6: Web App Launching

After the significant release, the web app development process does not finish. Your team must be prepared to:

  • Detect and fix bugs
  • Make changes based on customer feedback
  • Optimize the performance of your product
  • Renew licenses
  • Add new features according to the product roadmap


According to our experience, the Agile methodology is very useful at this step of the web app development process.

gct solution how to successfully develop a web app from scratch launching


Final thought

A web app, undoubtedly, is vital to any businesses in this digital era. Despite containing only 6 key steps, it is not easy to carry out. In case your business can not deploy web app development on your own, reach out to an IT company specializing in web app development process, such as GCT Solution, to support you to build a proper web application.


If you are seeking a seasoned IT provider, GCT Solution is the ideal choice. With 3 years of expertise, we specialize in Mobile App , Web App, System Development, Blockchain Development and Testing Services. Our 100+ skilled IT consultants and developers can handle projects of any size. Having successfully delivered over 50+ solutions to clients worldwide, we are dedicated to supporting your goals. Reach out to us for a detailed discussion, confident that GCT Solution is poised to meet all your IT needs with tailored, efficient solutions. 

Author: Chi Vo - Content Marketing Executive

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