Top 4 Manual Testing Tools Suggested By GCT Solution

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2022-08-18 09:54:16

gct solution top 4 manual testing tools suggested by gct solution

Manual testing tools are essential parts to develop and execute manual software testing. All test cases are manually conducted from the perspective of the end user by the tester. It establishes whether the application complies with the criteria listed in the requirement document. In this article, GCT Solution will suggest the top 5 manual testing tools, which are mostly used by our senior testers.


Top 4 Manual Testing Tools Suggested By GCT Solution


1. Jira

Because Jira is a repository, some users consider utilizing it as a tool for manual testing. In essence, test cases would be handled similarly to a defected issue or report. That’s the reason why Jira is quite popular among manual testing tools. However, the procedure is not straightforward and easy.


Advantages of Jira

  • Integrate external tools and plug-ins
  • Maintain a repository for all documentation and reports
  • Availability on mobile devices
  • No additional licensing costs
  • Can customize the format of test cases


Disadvantages of Jira

  • Cannot link bug reports to test case coverage statistics
  • Requires complicated configurations
  • Require add-on purchase for certain features
  • Quite difficult to set up and get used to.
  • Allow files up to 10 Mb in size
  • No idea management tools to record your plans and ideas


GCT Solution Top 4 Manual Testing Tools Suggested By Senior Manual Testers Jira


2. JMeter

JMeter is also an outstanding testing tool for manual testing. It is an open-source tool for evaluating the performance of dynamic web applications as well as static and dynamic resources. It is used to load functional test behavior and gauge application performance and is totally reliant on the JAVA application. It makes it simpler for users or programmers to use the source code to produce new applications.


Advantages of JMeter

  • Free
  • Open source
  • Supports all types of Performance Testing (Load Testing, Stress Testing, etc.)
  • Supports web UI and API services
  • Can integrate test data from Excel file
  • Automation tool which is best suited to do performance testing
  • Easy to use and setup. The software has community and documentation to solve questions.
  • Great tool for testing REST APIs


Disadvantages of JMeter

  • User Interface and User Experience (UX) is quite poor
  • No HTML Reports generated for the Performance Test Results
  • Almost impossible to edit recorded test scenarios 
  • Need to have programming skills 


3. Postman

Postman, originally a browser plugin for API validation, is now the go-to manual testing tool for QA (quality assurace) professionals for developing, testing, and managing APIs. Multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, can execute Postman. It gives programmers more room to create APIs.


Advantages of Postman

  • User-friendly
  • Easily access their files
  • Supports many HTTP methods
  • Have many functions: saving progress, converting from APIs to code, changing the API development environment, and many others
  • Supports several status codes, so that users can verify the response..


Disadvantages of Postman

  • Small testing range
  • Low degree of script reuse
  • Restrictive integration 


GCT Solution Top 4 Manual Testing Tools Suggested By Senior Manual Testers Postman


4. Mantis

Mantis is a manual testing tool for finding errors or defects in a piece of software or hardware. Users can easily customize Mantis to their needs. Many operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Android, and iPhone are all compatible with Mantis. Mantis comes with a variety of plugins that let you increase the issue tracker's capabilities. Its email notification systems let Mantis send emails with updates, comments, and resolutions to related stakeholders.


Advantages of Mantis

  • Very simple to use
  • Allow to work with a lot of projects
  • Email notifications


Disadvantages of Mantis

  • Cannot generate report
  • Quite poor user interface
  • Attach only one screenshot


GCT Solution Top 4 Manual Testing Tools Suggested By Senior Manual Testers Mantis


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