What Should You Know About Progressive Web Apps (PWA) To Decide If It Fits Your Company?

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2022-10-28 09:00:37

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Progressive Web Apps, often known as PWAs, are the most effective technique for developers to ensure their web apps load more quickly and efficiently. PWAs are websites that utilize modern web standards to enable installation on the user's computer or device. It provides consumers with an app-like experience. Twitter, which recently debuted mobile.twitter.com as a PWA developed with ReactJS and Node.js, is the most well-known example.


Before proceeding, let's gain a little understanding of PWAs.


1. What is a progressive app?

PWA is a web app that can be downloaded and installed on your computer. It operates offline in the absence of an internet connection by utilizing data cached throughout your most recent interactions with the application. When you access the website on a desktop with Chrome and the proper flags enabled, you will be invited to install the app.


Progressive Web App (PWA), also known as tech jargon, is actually the next phase in user-friendly app experiences that app developers should investigate thoroughly.


It combines the look and feel of an application with the simplicity of website development. These cutting-edge apps allow your consumers to access your material, thereby enhancing their experience and making them happier.


PWAs, also known as responsive websites, rely on the browser capabilities of the user. It may automatically augment its built-in features to appear and feel like a native web application. Their basic elements are:

  • Web application manifest: For exhibiting native-like characteristics, such as a home screen app icon.
  • Service employee(s): For background processes and offline assistance
  • Application shell framework: For fast loading of military personnel


Examples of popular PWAs include Alibaba, Forbes, The Weather Channel, and MakeMyTrip.




2. Why Is a Progressive Web App Necessary?

Progressive web apps offer apparent advantages for users.


A. Similar App Experience in the Browser

This is a significantly better experience that a conventional website could provide. In recent years, native apps have set a higher standard for mobile UX. However, new technologies enable PWAs to compete with native apps in almost every respect.


Progressive applications can:

  • Work offline
  • Be placed on the device and opened from a home screen icon
  • Deliver push notifications; replicate a native app's navigation structure.
  • Access the user's camera and GPS; employ animations.


B. Speed

A progressive app has lightning-fast speed. Why? Because of the technology for service personnel I described previously. The technique enables the developer to specify which files will be stored in the browser's local cache. How does this affect the user? When a user requests a new page from a PWA, the majority of the necessary files for rendering are already present on the user's device. Thus, the page loads almost immediately.


C. Security, Dependability, and Productivity

The website must be adequately secured with HTTPS for the service workers to operate. If, for whatever reason, your site does not yet employ the secure protocol, you must implement it in order to become a PWA.


It is also quite dependable. Due to the same service workers, a PWA can be launched even with the most rudimentary internet connection.


Lastly, PWAs are effective. They use less space than native applications. And they are significantly simpler to install. It only requires a single click of a button.


Additionally, developers enjoy working with progressive apps. PWAs are developed using conventional web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Java. Consequently, they are typically simpler to develop, deploy, and maintain than native programs.


But what are the commercial benefits of PWA? If you have ever worked with native apps, you are aware of how difficult it is to convince a user to install one. And if they do install it, they will likely erase it in the future.


For that reason, progressive web app development might potentially benefit your business when visitors access your website for the first time and maintain engagement without installing the application.


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3. How to determine if progressive applications are suitable for your business?

PWAs are important websites. For that reason, they are easier to recognize. It is much simpler to reach potential clients with a progressive app than with a native app. Native applications lack the entire web infrastructure.


PWAs generate natural traffic. And impress new visitors with your site's speed and exceptional UX. Its simple installation minimizes friction. Those who are concerned about storage space may use the app's size as an argument in its favor.


In addition, the consumer does not need to install the app in order to receive the complete experience. We can therefore confidently assert that a progressive web app is an ideal tool for establishing relationships with new users. And those who are not interested enough to install a native app but are willing to return sometimes.


Consider the following factors while choosing to apply PWA to your business:


A PWA is suitable for your company if:

  • Your company is new, and you require an app with fewer features. PWA does not require a download; however, push notifications can be sent.
  • You have limited funds and time available.
  • You must enhance SEO and brand recognition.

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Final thoughts

As the demand for a reliable, quick, and engaging platform has skyrocketed, it is imperative that your organization adopt a PWA-type web application. 


Providers of progressive web application development services are able to create a PWA for you. 


Choose PWA development when your organization needs a stable and consistent app experience comparable to a native app at a lower cost. Since major businesses have reaped the benefits of PWA, we believe it's time for your company to join them. Your business's progressive web application will increase conversions, revenue, and forward movement.


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