IT Business Analysts: Who Are They?

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2022-12-21 08:00:22

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In the past few decades, business analysis has become one of the most in-demand employment fields. This can be due to the fact that businesses are becoming more sophisticated globally, especially since that technology is integral to practically every type of business in this century, which has itself advanced quickly.


In this article, GCT Solution will provide an overview of IT business analysts: the role of a business analyst, responsibilities of a business analyst and skills of a business analyst. 


The Role Of A Business Analyst In A Software Development Team

IT Business Analysts, called “BA” for short, can work at any companies that use technologies as the core business services/ products, or as the facilitator of workflow. Their responsibilities include creating the guidelines for effective IT systems, supervising the operations of the IT department, and offering advice on any enhancements or alterations to meet strategic objectives. 


IT business analysts facilitate communications between the IT department and clients by converting business objectives/ requirements of stakeholders into clear technical deliverables and vice versa. Then, the BA hands in managing the technical development. They also monitor the data flow and forecast what infrastructure modifications should be made according to changes of the project.


gct solution it business analysts


The Responsibilities Of A Business Analyst

Requirements management is a business analyst's main duty when conducting business analysis. In the complex contemporary corporate environment, the job of the business analyst is to sustain requirements through continuous change by applying innovation.


This indicates that their responsibility is to develop technology solutions to issues that happen in a business or to boost a company's sales revenue through identifying, capturing, and analyzing needs. They start to support satisfying business demands when they contribute to managing requirements throughout a project. Here are a few of the duties and obligations that a business analyst has.

  • Understand business process, needs and requirements of clients
  • Analyze the requirements from clients in business view and end-user view
  • Ensure business requirements are fully understood by the development team and provide input to design and product specifications
  • Provide documents according to requirements of business
  • Track and manage all change requests from clients
  • Work with the development team to go over the specifications, then consult the solutions to the problems
  • Support UAT in testing, verifying bugs and defects with the client
  • Stay in touch with partners for integration with the outside system


Necessary Skills Of A Business Analyst

In addition to having the necessary knowledge about domain and technologies, an IT business analyst needs to have strong soft skills. To catch up with the latest trends, the BA must be able to obtain reports and evaluate data sources. 


Ideally, an IT business analyst comes from a technical background and has a fundamental understanding of the required tools and technologies. Additionally, a BA needs to possess the following practical abilities to grow further and succeed in this position:

  • Excellent verbal and written skills
  • Strong business analytical skill and logical mind
  • Focus on high-level detail and being able to interpret accurate results.
  • A good understanding of the business and the functional domain
  • Wireframing skills
  • An understanding of business process modeling (BPM)
  • Strong knowledge about Agile and Waterfall software development methodologies. 
  • Knowledge about popular BA documents: BRD/ SRS/ FRD
  • Knowledge about UML/ BPMN Diagram: Use case diagram/ Sequence diagram/ Business process flow diagram
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Foreign language proficiency to work directly with the stakeholders if target clients of the business are foreign


gct solution the role of a business analyst


Final thoughts

An IT business analyst always stays up-to-date on evolving company requirements and offers technological solutions to enhance business procedures and systems. The business analyst is frequently viewed as the ideal liaison between the IT team and the business as well as clients. This position requires a broad range of abilities, including proficiency in business process analysis, requirement analysis, and scope management.


A career as a business analyst is tremendously gratifying and offers lots of room for advancement. Any corporation can benefit greatly from having a business analyst. Organizations are increasingly aiming to save costs while streamlining business procedures. As we transition to an information economy, there will be an increase in the demand for business analysts. Therefore, if you want to have a successful job as a business analyst, you might consider taking a degree in business analytics.


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