How To Greatly Promote Your eCommerce Websites?

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2022-11-17 09:53:49

gct solution how to promote ecommerce websites

eCommerce is the process of customers shopping online and carrying out their payment. An eCommerce website allows users to find their product(s), add them to their “cart,” and make payment to complete their purchase. Especially, the pandemic Covid-19 has boosted eCommerce to explode as a "wave" around the world, having impact on all industries. To catch up with changes worldwide, companies must build eCommerce channels to get closer to customers. One of the most popular EC channels is a website. 


But, how to advertise your website widely so that it can easily reach more customers? Today, GCT Solution will share with you some ways to promote eCommerce websites. Let's discuss!


Here Are Some Tips To Promote eCommerce Website


1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the process of increasing your website ranking in search engines whenever people enter keywords related to your business. SEO for an eCommerce website refers to the search engine optimization of an online store. The ultimate goal of SEO is to get your product pages show up in the top 10 results on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO can bring more traffic to your website, thus increase brand awareness, trust and conversion rates.


Some ways to invest in SEO for eCommerce websites are:

  • Carrying out keyword research, and adding keywords to your page URLs, product descriptions, and blog posts
  • Optimizing your website structure and designing a user-friendly interface
  • Building a bunch of backlinks from other reputable websites 


2. Paid Advertising

Paid traffic is the easiest and fastest method to advertise eCommerce websites. Paid traffic can be bought from many sources, such as search engines, other solid websites, and social media outlets. So far, the most popular paid advertising source is Google Ads (formerly Adwords), which uses an algorithmically-influenced auction model. 


Using Google Ads allows you to bid on keywords, so that you can appear first in search engine results pages (SERP) when anyone enters related keywords. Making your eCommerce website show up as the “top spot” is the ultimate goal of paid ads. Using paid ads, you’ll keep track of results in real-time data, then can adjust your campaign strategies & tactics based on performance. 




3. Social Media

Social media is a useful source to advertise eCommerce websites. You can build brand awareness and gain customers via social media. You must consider carefully to choose the suitable platforms, because some social media make more sense than others depending on your industry. Some considerable choices include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, & Google My Business.


If you already have a pretty solid presence on social media with a large number of followers, it’s time to make use of it. Here are some suggestions that can help you leverage your social channels:

  • Increase your number of posts
  • Focus on more insightful, useful content
  • Invest more on visualization
  • Encourage interaction
  • Acquire user-generated content


If your social media hasn't met your expectations, stay calm, critical as it takes time to grow. Make sure you have a presence on the platforms that are appropriate for your target audience, and produce suitable & high-quality content for them.


4. Referral

Referral traffic, whether organic or paid, is also a method of marketing eCommerce websites. Networking with authoritative voices, such as magazines, blogs, podcasts, and forums can help to gain qualified referral traffic. Those authoritative voices must be closely related to the domains you are working for. Here are some suggestions for your referral tactics:

  • Building partnership with various complementary brands
  • Utilizing influencer marketing
  • Taking part in online events, discussions and forums.


5. Promotions

Online shoppers love taking advantage of special discounts, coupon codes, door-to-door delivery, etc. To greatly enhancing customer acquisition and online shopping experience, here are some suggestions of online promotion campaigns for eCommerce website marketing:

  • Limited editions for particular occasions
  • Discount on bills
  • Free gifts
  • Free shipping 
  • Discount codes




Final thoughts

There is no doubt that the right tactics can help to promote eCommerce websites, reach more potential customers, better average order value, and increase sales. By following the ecommerce website marketing suggestions aforementioned, you can get closer to your customers locally and even worldwide. The growth dream is no longer an impractical dream.


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