4 Tips Making Your Website Conversion Rates To Increase Sustainably

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Hieu Tran

2022-08-31 02:31:12

gct solution 4 tips to higher website conversion rate

Your website conversion rate tracks how many visitors actually become clients/ customers. Website conversion is the ultimate goal of almost all websites, because it creates your visibility, your reputation and your profits. In this article, GCT Solution will suggest 4 tips for website conversion optimization that you can apply to your website.


4 Ways To Improve Website Conversion Rate Suggested By GCT Solution

1. Constantly update your landing page

2. Make your design unique

3. Adjust your navigation bar

4. Make your form short and simple


1. Constantly Update Your Landing Page

Landing page should be considered as one of the top website conversion optimization strategies. Landing page grabs attention and presents a clear call to action as soon as a visitor enters your website.


But it is more than just creating a landing page. For higher website conversion rate, it’s a good idea to keep your landing page clean and up-to-date.Constant update trending, valuable content is really important. 


For your call-to-action (CTA), you should use eye-catching phrases, such as “New!”, “Just added!”, “Now available!”. Also, you can convey a sense of scarcity by showing bargains, sales, and offers that are advertised on the landing page.


2. Make Your Design Unique

Creating trustworthy, unique graphics for your website is the best approach to improve website conversion rates.


Trust is a key factor making website conversion rate. You should highlight your company logos, awards, client/ customer feedback. All of them can make your visitors trust your products and/or services, then visitors can become clients/ customers.


All of your graphic elements should follow a certain style and harmonious color scheme. For example, GCT Solution maintains the modern, minimalist style for the brand identity. The purple tone is illustrated throughout all the media productions not only on the website, but also on social media.


gct solution tips for website conversion rate


3. Adjust Your Navigation Bar

It can be challenging to decide which pages on your website are crucial enough to be included in the navigation bar. GCT Solution advises to limit the number of items in your navigation to no more than 7 for the sake of user experience.


There are many types of navigation bar, including horizontal bar, dropdown bar, vertical bar and footer bar. We suggest you create your navigation bar of your website based on product categories, user flow and attribution report.


4. Make Your Form Short And Simple

Landing pages frequently generate leads by requesting the name and contact information of your visitors. Although contact forms can be helpful to increase website conversions, they might discourage your visitors from really converting into customers.


Longer forms that take much time and effort to complete is the main obstacle. Imagine a situation: If you visit a website and a series of questions suddenly grasps your eyes, do you fill out the form or to simply click the back button?


Therefore, make the forms on your landing page as short and simple as possible. And instead of requesting information straight away, think about showing a link to a different page. We suggest you set the following information as compulsory: name, company and email address. Others can be optional.


gct solution tips higher website conversion rate


Final thought

High website conversion rate requires a lot of time and effort of your business. Hopefully, 4 tips from GCT Solution have helped your way to website conversion optimization become quicker and easier.


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