MVP (Minimum Viable Product): A Crucial Factor In Software Development

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Hieu Tran

2022-05-17 09:17:50

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MVP, or minimal viable product, is an efficient way to validate the idea before spending time, money, and effort into a project. When a company builds something innovative, there is always a risk that it won’t be relevant to the end-user. This article will define MVP and its importance in software development.


What is MVP?

MVP is a product with sufficient features to attract early-adopter clients and verify a product concept early in the development cycle. In industries like software, the MVP can assist the product team in receiving customer input as rapidly as possible so that they can iterate and enhance the product.

The MVP is critical in Agile development, because the Agile process is centered on verifying and iterating products based on user feedback.




What is the value of MVP in software development? 

1. MVP defines the direction for the design

Aside from confirming the concept, developing an MVP helps the development team gain a better understanding of what features and UI components people would anticipate from a similar product. All of the information gathered will be useful in developing and designing the software, as well as meeting the audience's expectations.


2. MVP validates the functionality of features

MVP ensures that the system works in the same way that a business owner envisioned it in your software development. If a product requires the creation of custom features, it is critical to ensure that the team has the necessary skills and resources to bring them to life and make them work properly. It is preferable to find flaws or problems that affect functionality of the product during the development stage rather than after the final release.


3. MVP tests the demand for a set of features

When a company is developing an innovative product, some questions cross the manager’s mind. If it helps the audience address everyday problems? If working principles of the software product are clear? If the finished product is simple to use. Unfortunately, it frequently turns out that a potential app user has a faster and more efficient solution to the problem. Teams create a MVP (minimal viable product) to check if a solution is the most effective approach to achieve objectives.


4. MVP improves the precision of project planning

Working on a minimal viable project requires the team to completely envision the product, decide which features to add, which technological stacks to employ, and so on. When it comes to working on a project, the MVP is frequently utilized as a reference point, which improves planning precision, team communication quality, and development speed.




Final thoughts

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