10 Best Java Frameworks For Web Development In 2023

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2023-01-10 07:50:25

gct solution 10 java frameworks web development 2023

Java is considered to be one of the most widely used programming languages in the web app development process. As a "write once, run anywhere"  programming language, Java aims to give programmers more freedom and flexibility while developing their software.


Extensibility, nowadays, is a top concern for web developers across all industries. As a result, Java provides developers with a variety of frameworks that are available to increase the capability and flexibility.


In this article, GCT Solution suggests 10 best java frameworks for web development in 2023.


1. Spring



Spring seems to be the most well-liked framework among Java developers thanks to its wide range of applications and emphasis on speed, simplicity, and productivity.


Because of its modularity, web developers can use its tools at every stage of a project. Spring can operate flawlessly with different security features and technologies. In order to ensure the highest level of security for data of the web itself and its users, the framework enables developers to construct and integrate features, such as login validation and user authentication.


Numerous giant businesses, like Netflix and eBay, are interested in these features because of their simplicity and dependability. However, developers that are in charge of smaller-scale projects find Spring fairly capable of creating consistent and powerful performances.


2. Google Web Toolkit


google web toolkit

The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) framework, like many of open-source offerings of Google, quickly gained popularity among developers.


GWT is a tool for converting written Java code into functional JavaScript. It is designed for creating sophisticated and effective web apps. Therefore, Java developers do not need to become top-tier JavaScript experts to exercise more inventiveness. Additionally, the size and diversity of the open-source developer community have accumulated a collection of beneficial assets and GWT support data.


GWT is ideally suited for applications that require immediate and dependable scalability because of its capacity for handling large-scale complexity. 

3. Hibernate

Hibernate is an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) framework that aids programmers in sensibly and securely handling data. This architecture develops dependable relational databases to guard against risks triggered by improper data handling. Developers value the capacity for strong data manipulation without requiring a significant amount of coding ò Hibernate.


Hibernate is an open-source project with notable community support, similar to GWT. It works well for tasks that largely rely on sophisticated databases and extensive data handling. Hibernate is used by established businesses because it is good at handling workloads that include a huge amount of data.


For instance, IBM Security employs the Hibernate framework for verifying governance, user access, and analytical functions that leverage data security and accuracy.


4. Apache Struts

The largest open-source foundation in the world, Apache, has produced numerous development tools over the years. One of them is Struts.


Struts is a model-view-controller (MVC) framework for building reliable web applications. This framework is significant among different Java frameworks thanks to its convenience and its growing plug-in library.


Due to its versatility and adaptability, Struts thrives as a supplementary tool to other frameworks. Because of this, Struts is a useful complement to many web development projects. Because of its adaptability, developers may use Apache Struts to create everything from simple portfolio websites to feature-rich applications that need highly secure user validation and data protection procedures.


5. Play

Play is an open-source platform for creating user-friendly web apps. It is extremely lightweight and runs under the Apache License 2.0, with very little overhead. To begin developing with Play, developers just need a web browser and a text editor. Play works effectively with a variety of plug-ins and NoSQL databases.


Play, like Struts, can handle projects of any scale and complexity. It is used to develop LinkedIn, Walmart, and Samsung. Play offers a lot of support for cloud deployments using platforms like AWS, ensuring that apps stay unified, contemporary, and manageable.


6. Grails

Grails is a Groovy-based open-source framework. It primarily uses the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to create web applications.


Grails is released under the Apache License 2.0, just like Play. It provides a minimal learning curve so that a Java developer with little experience can use the tool. With Spring Boot as its foundation, Grails has an allowance to access Spring features.


Big corporations, namely Target, Best Buy, and Netflix,use Grails to keep their web apps quick and easy because of its relative simplicity and outstanding reliability. Furthermore, by utilizing the quick, up-to-date API calls, Grails is a great tool for developing web applications.


7. JavaServer Faces


java server faces

JavaServer Faces, or JSF, makes it easy to create contemporary user interfaces (UI). Thanks to JSF, developers can build sets of multi-purpose UI components for web apps. These components should be easily connected to data and updates.


JSF was created by back-end developers, even though it provides front-end solutions. The problems that front-end code can trigger back-end functions are reduced with JSF. Using JSF, programmers can quickly create "faces" for their Java applications, thus spending up resources for functionality.


JSF can be incorporated into some Java language components. As a result, this framework provides developers aiming to create sophisticated apps an improved alternative to writing code and incorporating a front-end workflow.


8. Dropwizard

Dropwizard is a framework that focuses on creating reliable and stable Java-based web services. It guarantees compatibility for contemporary configuration, operations tools, metrics logging, and other features.


Dropwizard benefits from nearly limitless community assistance and resources thanks to its open-source license (Apache 2.0). For RESTful web services that require a high level of dependability, Dropwizard is the perfect framework. Dropwizard is used by organizations like Fidelity, HubSpot, and American Express because it can develop secure web services and APIs.


9. Vaadin

Vaadin is a Java framework for building online apps, and it stands out because of emphasizing high-quality user experience (UX) elements without requiring much coding. Vaadin aims to align the best Java web applications with JavaScript web applications.


Vaadin is a great tool for those who do not have the time or resources to learn HTML and JavaScript, but yet want to create a beautiful and up-to-date website because it enables developers to code solely in Java. Vaadin assists businesses like Puma and Wells Fargo in developing web apps that are effective, appealing, and functional.


10. Wicket

Wicket focuses on cutting-edge, Java-based web applications. It is an open-source framework designed to support developers in keeping their code totally up-to-date.


With a view to connecting software projects and the overall Java development cycle, Wicket is great for software development projects that require constant Java updates. Wicket even has Content Security Policy (CSP) integration, enabling you to maintain the highest level of security for your web apps and websites.


Final thoughts

These Java frameworks 2023 make it possible for programmers of all levels of expertise and training to make use of Java while creating web apps. Although the increasing number of framework options can cause confusion to developers, adding the appropriate ones to your toolkit can enable you to produce solutions that are more effective, practical, and user-friendly. Hopefully, this article about java frameworks in 2023 has offered you a useful suggestion.

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