Why Do Mobile Apps Outperform Websites?

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2022-11-02 09:09:34

gct solution why mobile apps outperform websites

Today, the number of mobile users outweighs the number of computer users. As a result, many businesses have recognized the importance of using mobile media to successfully engage clients. They have started new businesses by using mobile websites and applications. While large corporations may afford to use both mobile websites and apps, smaller firms may consider two options. The cost, purpose, and audience served all influence the decision between mobile apps and websites.


Despite this, research suggests that users prefer mobile apps to mobile web pages. This highlights the importance of having mobile apps for reaching out to customers.


There are numerous other reasons why mobile apps are superior to websites. In this article, GCT Solution - a software development company in Vietnam with the best mobile app development services, gives you 10 reasons why mobile apps are preferred over website apps.

  • Mobile Apps Outperform Websites' Load Speed
  • Mobile Apps Offer Better Customization
  • Mobile Apps Enable Offline Features
  • Push Notifications And Immediate Updates
  • Time-spending Increases On Mobile App
  • App Store Availability
  • Productivity-boosting And Cost-cutting
  • Interactive Participation Increase
  • Brand Awareness Increases
  • Conversion Increases


1. Mobile Apps Outperform Websites' Load Speed

Mobile apps can help your customers finish tasks faster. Specifically, mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows are 1.5 times faster than websites, due to these reasons:

  • Apps save user data locally, so fetching and loading it onto mobile is faster. The speed at which mobile websites fetch data from a web server depends on the internet network and packet sizes.
  • Mobile app frameworks are five times faster than the JavaScript functions used to construct mobile websites.


2. Mobile Apps Offer Better Customization

Offering tailored content is the key to closing purchases much more quickly, and this is where mobile apps have a significant advantage over mobile websites.


Websites are designed for everyone, but mobile applications allow your business to communicate with customers based on their preferences and browsing habits.


Because mobile users must sign in to use your business app, the app must be able to track where users navigate and then provide real-time, filtered recommendations for new products or services the user may require.


This often increases the conversion rate and is far superior to displaying every item in your store on your website, which would leave your customers unable to make a decision.


In addition, apps may effortlessly determine a user's location in real-time. With this information, you may send personalized push alerts that can increase your sales.


In a nutshell, abandoning a mobile website in favor of a mobile application gives you the chance to significantly influence your clients' purchasing decisions, and you should take advantage of this opportunity whenever possible.


3. Mobile Apps Enable Offline Features

We believe this is the most convincing reason for choosing mobile app development over a website app for your business's operation. 


None of the mobile websites can be accessed with a single tap, but all mobile apps can.


In fact, mobile websites rely significantly on network connectivity and caching, but mobile apps can provide mobile users with basic content and functionality in offline mode when there is no network access. This does not imply that mobile apps do not require the network in order to execute advanced functions, despite the fact that many utilitarian apps can operate in offline mode.


Offline capabilities for an e-commerce app may include browsing the store, reviewing prior purchases, making in-app calls, adding products to a shopping cart, and calculating expenses. You can now utilize your offline time to facilitate your tasks cautiously before making decisions to save data on cellular usage or have trouble with internet access. 


With this offline capability, which is never available on a mobile website, a user can interact with your business even when you’re on a flight.




4. Push Notifications And Immediate Updates

While mobile users access websites, the push notification feature of a mobile app provides a route for your business to communicate with its clients.


As long as they have your company app installed on their device, you can easily give them notifications and immediate updates regarding the most recent local offers, discounts, or business events. As a result, this method will significantly increase your conversion rate.


Even when new mobile website capabilities allow push notifications to be sent through a web browser, this feature is not supported by all web browsers, and users can disable it as soon as they land on your website. 


With the proper mobile app development services, the push notifications feature is more engaging because your mobile app can schedule and send these instant updates to a segment of your customer base that you or the app selects.

5. Time-spending Increases On Mobile App

In order to grow a business and provide a large return on investment, it must be where its customers are, which is via a mobile app.


According to data from SmartInsights, mobile app usage times hover between 80-90% while users devote a mere 20-10% time on browsing the internet. This graph says so too.


Thus, to succeed in this mobile-first world, your business needs the right mobile app development services in order to create more convenience for your existing and new customers. If your company's software fits perfectly on the home screen of their mobile device, this simply means that you have increased the rate of cooperation through the mobile app.


6. App Store Availability

Mobile websites do not qualify for a spot on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.


According to Statista, mobile apps are a passport to a free appearance on either of the two main app stores in the world. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity by relying just on mobile websites with little advertising potential for your business (guest posting and a lot of ads)


With an app store presence, your brand receives increased visibility and can attract customers through non-traditional sales channels.


These app stores receive millions of searches every day from different people (including your potential customers), then with the appropriate metadata on your app page, there is the possibility of a new user discovering your app, installing it, and so engaging with your business, without you running an ad.


The most popular brands have apps in these stores, so you must gain access to them in order to promote yourself as a prominent brand. You don't want customers to search for your app in the app store and see "no results" or, worse, to download your competitors' apps.




7. Productivity-boosting And Cost-cutting

Time and money can be saved by developing a mobile app.


A mobile application allows communication between your personnel, vendors, and customers, as opposed to a website. Customers may use your application to place orders, employees can reply, and vendors can educate customers about your offerings.


This comprehensive solution will ultimately increase your organization's output by 20 to 40 percent. Apps also provide real-time graphing and reporting capabilities, which would be more difficult to provide on a mobile website leveraging a mobile app analytics platform.


Because an app permits direct communication between your business and its customers, your marketing and advertising costs will be significantly reduced.


8. Interactive Participation Increase

Besides offering an immersive two-way experience, an app can be customized to handle client inquiries more effectively throughout the sales and after-sales processes.


Using the in-app call option, for instance, questions not addressed in the FAQ section can be quickly addressed without the buyer leaving the purchase. Through a direct message option linked into the mobile application, the user can also be informed of order cancellation or delivery delays in a straightforward manner.


This can enhance the purchasing experience for customers. With social media integration, clients may spread the news about your business to their friends on their social media profiles, so enhancing your brand's visibility.


9. Brand Awareness Increases

With the best mobile app development services, you can create an app that functions as an effective tool for branding.


Due to the numerous design elements that may be added to a mobile app, it can truly represent your brand. It is possible to combine the icon, layout, colors, and other designs to get the optimal match.


This is in contrast to websites that largely rely on browser capabilities and devices in order to provide the optimal experience on a mobile screen.


Obviously, mobile users spend a significant amount of time on installed apps, and continuous interaction with your app provides a powerful channel for you to communicate your brand message. Customers develop a stronger attachment to your organization and a higher level of trust as a result of the app's excellent user experience.


In addition, because your app icon may be creatively made to suit your brand, customers are constantly exposed to your brand and reminded of it whenever they launch their mobile app screen. Your screen presence subconsciously influences their view of your brand.


10. Conversion Increases

If improving conversions is a significant component of your mobile app objectives, then you need a mobile application. Due to the fact that a website is intended for a large audience, it can be difficult to drive consumers farther down the conversion funnel.


It is simpler to gain top-of-funnel users (those who are interested in your business) and bottom-of-funnel consumers with a mobile app (those who are ready to make a purchase).


Initially, a utilitarian app can be utilized to attract Tofu users, who then become strong prospects who can be converted through in-app purchases. A mobile app boosts the likelihood of turning Tofu users into paying clients for an e-commerce website where a large number of Tofu users are present.


Another advantage of using an app Because the contents and functions of a mobile app are individualized, they are able to send irresistible offers to specific consumers in your sales funnel.




Final thoughts

This article has provided in-depth mobile app information and its benefits over websites. We believe that this information will assist you in choosing the appropriate platform for your business. If you are wondering how to develop a mobile app for your business, you can discover more blogs about mobile app topics on our websites. In addition, if you want to find an expert team in developing mobile apps, kindly consider our mobile app development services


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