Unwritten Hurts Of People Working In The IT Industry

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Trinh Nguyen

2022-06-10 07:34:07

gct solution unwritten hurts of working in IT industry

Is there any job without suffering? Is there any job without "pain"? Today, together with GCT Solution, let's find out the pains of IT co-workers, so that we may understand and sympathize with them!


1. Temporary “autism”

Suddenly, one day, my company has a new project. So, our developers, instead of holding hands with their lover wandering around and enjoying the day, they holds the keyboard and computer mouse, regardless of day and night, enthusiastically dealing with the project requirements. Call them and invite them to a cup of coffee? NO WAY!


2. Married status: “long-time” single

I don't understand why, but my company's male IT co-workers often complain that they have stayed single for such a long time, even though they are quite handsome (I agree). My female IT co-workers say they are bored with boys in the same industry. And for some mysterious reasons, men outside the industry often say "bored", or "afraid" of IT women.


3. Isolation from the outside world

In my company IT-coworkers work very hard. Many of them are so passionate about their work that they bring work to home, or join extra projects, work as freelancers, etc. But that's the reason why they don't have much time to hang out with friends or travel. Or sometimes, they face dilemmas in a conversation: they cannot catch up with what people are saying, because they don't frequently update news to "catch the trend".


4. Appearance & strength degradation

Not a friend or lover, the computer is the "buddy" that accounts for the largest time of the IT workers' day. Because of exposure to a large amount of radiation and blue light for such a long time, it is understandable that their skin, eyes, ... are negatively affected.


Due to radiation and blue light, IT workers usually suffer from headaches, or must wear thick glasses. In addition, the nature of the job requiring sitting all day long easily causes backache, neckache, or even ... hemorrhoids.


Are there any other pains that you want to express? We are waiting for your sharing!




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