System Administrators: Who Are They?

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Hieu Tran

2022-12-27 03:01:24

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As relying on servers and systems heavily, organizations must ensure that they operate effectively without experiencing any downtime. For this reason, organizations require system administrators. A system administrator ensures effective operation of computer systems and internet servers, as well as spots and resolves any possible problems within the computer network of a company.


System administrators, called “system admins” for short, make sure that computer systems of an organization function well and meet the demands. A system admin supports, troubleshoots, and maintains computer servers and networks. 


In this article, GCT Solution will provide an overview of System Administrators: the role of a System Administrator, responsibilities of a System Administrator and skills of a System Administrator. 


The Role Of A System Administrator 

In different businesses, system administrators may have very different duties and responsibilities. According to their duties, there are 4 different sorts of system administrators as below:


Network Management

Within this duty, system admins manage the entire network infrastructure of an organization. They design, install and manage computer systems, routers, switches, local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), and intranet systems. Additionally, they keep an eye on the systems, do maintenance, and address issues as they emerge.


Database Management

This function requires system administrators to set up and maintain databases used in an organization. They might even need to build a database from scratch, or process old data from existing databases. Even in some companies, there are professional Data Analyst or Data Scientist who are only in charge of processing and managing databases. 


Server Management & Web Management

This duty requires specialization in maintaining servers, web services and operating systems of the servers. They keep an eye on internet speed to make sure everything runs smoothly. Additionally, they keep an eye on the traffic patterns of a website, then make adjustments in response to user feedback. 


System Security Management

To deal with this role, system administrators monitor and maintain the security systems of an organization. They create policies for organizational security and perform routine data audits, including the creation, deletion, and maintenance of user accounts.


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The Responsibilities Of A System Administrator

  • Managing operating systems, namely Windows, Linux, or Mac 
  • Upgrading, installing, and configuring software applications and computer hardware
  • Providing technical support/ IT helpdesk to employees
  • Detecting and fixing problems within organization networks
  • Creating and managing system permissions with user accounts
  • Carrying out regular security testing and security monitoring
  • Maintaining network, databases and servers


gct solution the role of a system administrator


Necessary Skills Of A System Administrator

As a system administrator, you will need a foundational skill set in order to be able to ensure that the computer systems in your company are operating efficiently. According to GCT Solution, System Administrators need to have these skill sets as below to succeed in this position.


  • In-depth understanding about operating systems

System admins should have a deep understanding about different operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, or Mac, depending on requirements of companies.


  • Knowledge of hardware

One of the important tasks of a system admin is working physical devices, such as servers or printers. 


  • Cloud computing skills

A system admin should be familiar with cloud applications like Office365, Google Cloud Platform, and AWS.


  • Knowledge of networks

System administrators take responsibility for setting up and maintaining Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN), as well as setting up network security features like firewalls. 


  • Communication skills

System admins are frequently expected to assist other employees with IT helpdesks. As having to work with different departments within the company, system admins must have effective communication.


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Final thoughts

System Administrators are essential to ensuring that computer systems are operating efficiently and safely, especially when the use of computers becomes more prevalent across almost all economic sectors. For the foreseeable future, system admins are probably going to play a significant role in the IT industry.


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