Software Testing And Software QA: What Are The Differences?

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Hieu Tran

2022-08-12 03:05:10

gct solution software testing and software qa differences

Many people often consider software testing and software quality assurance the same. However, they have different definitions, objectives and orientations. To help you fully comprehend what software testing and software quality assurance entail, GCT Solution, the IT outsourcing company providing software QA and software testing services, will help you to take a closer look at the differences between QA and testing.


Software Testing And Software Quality Assurance (QA): What Are The Differences?


Software QA vs Software Testing: Definition


What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a process to evaluate how well a software application works in order to ascertain whether or not the developed software complies with the necessary specifications. To ensure that the product is error-free and delivers a high-quality output, software testing reveals any defects that may happen in usage.


What is Software Quality Assurance (QA)

Software Quality Assurance (QA) is a process for determining if projects adhere to a given set of requirements. The frontend developers, backend developers, or UI/UX designers will be informed of the problems and asked to fix them. Software QA aims to increase the company credibility and client trust. It also boosts work procedures and productivity, allowing the final product to compete more successfully.


Software Testing vs Software QA what is software testing what is software qa

Software QA vs Software Testing: Objective


What are the objectives of Software Testing?

  • To assess the outputs, including the user stories, design, requirements, and code
  • To ensure that all necessary requirements are met
  • To verify that the test object is comprehensive and performs in accordance with the expectations of stakeholders and users
  • To increase faith in the degree of quality of the test object
  • To guard against software product flaws
  • To identify software product flaws
  • To lessen the risk of inadequate software quality
  • To offer stakeholders with enough information to enable them to make educated judgments, particularly regarding the quality of the test object


What are the objectives of Software Quality Assurance (QA)?

  • To audit and report
  • To evaluate and manage the efficiency and thoroughness of quality control procedures
  • To guarantee data management, which is crucial for product quality. Additionally, it guarantees that generated software complies with quality assurance standards and meets those standards
  • To ensure that the final product satisfies the needs of the user and the business
  • To locate and recognize flaws or problems, and to lessen their impact


Software Testing vs Software QA Software Testing objective software qa objective


Software QA vs Software Testing: Orientation


What are the Software Testing orientation?


What are the Software Quality Assurance (QA) orientation?

  • Quality assurance 
  • Error prevention
  • Process orientation


Software Testing vs Software QA Software Testing orientation software qa orientation


Final thought

Both software quality assurance (QA) and software testing are crucial to the development of any IT products. However, because they are quite different, you should be well aware to choose the most suitable role for your development team and your business.


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