How To Protect Your Personal Information When Using Mobile Apps?

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Chi Vo

2022-11-30 08:19:31

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According to a recent GCT Solution survey, many people are reluctant to use mobile apps due to security issues. More than half of clients (52%) who don't use mobile apps considered security concerns as their main obstacles.


Although those concerns truly exist, you cannot spare your life from mobile apps. Here are steps you can take to ensure to protect information when using mobile apps.


Install only trusted apps

The majority of mobile consumers use iOS or Android, both of which have app stores. The Apple App Store is available to iPhone users, whereas the Google Play Store is available to Android users. These app stores are the best resources for discovering reliable and trustworthy software, thus you can protect personal information more effectively.


Apple performs a variety of security tests on each software before allowing it to be uploaded to its store. These related topics like typical privacy policy worries and making sure the apps don't deceive consumers.


Google provides apps that have been approved by its Play Protect program. Play Protect checks the apps you install to your phone and can disable or remove any that it finds to be potentially hazardous. Additionally, it can alert you to programs that violate Google's policy against unwanted software, which regulates the openness and usability of apps.


gct solution protect personal information


Use two-factor authentication

According to a GCT Solution survey, over three-quarters (74%) of Vietnamese users of mobile apps also have concerns about mobile. 63% of them express concern about having their accounts hacked.


Having a strong, unique password is one of the greatest methods to protect information when using mobile apps. "12345678" can’t be considered as a strong password. Two-factor authentication is a way to add an extra layer of security to a strong password.


Two-factor authentication to protect personal information is like entering the door at an apartment building. Just having the key won't get you into the apartment, because it requires fingerprints as well.


You'll have an additional security measure activated with two-factor authentication. Frequently, after entering a password, you must enter a PIN via your phone number or input your fingerprint/ face ID. No one will be able to access your account without your management.


Manage all access to your mobile phone

Make sure your lock screen pin is strong, lock your phone after you use it, and don't share it with anybody, so that you can prevent strangers from accessing your device.


But no matter how much you try not to lose your phone, which might also be your wallet, apartment keys, identity cards, etc the worst things will happen. If your phone is lost or stolen, do everything to temporarily lock all applications on the phone. Until you find it, try to make sure that no one can access your applications.


gct solution protect information when using mobile apps


Final thoughts

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