What You Should Know About No Code App Builders

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2022-09-26 00:49:22

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Advances in traditional software development techniques, along with an increase in demand for websites and applications, resulted in the creation of a quick option known as no code app development platforms. In fact, the term "no code" may appear to be a paradox, as programming underpins all forms of technology. However, non-technologists can now create sophisticated software on their own thanks to no code builders. 


In this article, GCT Solution, a top mobile development company in Vietnam, will help you understand what no code app development is, the pros and cons of codeless development, how it compares to other options, and if it is ideal for your business.


1. What is a no code platform?

No code app development platforms are specialized tools that allow users with little or no technical experience to construct fully working applications. This is possible without facing the difficulties of traditional programming-based software development.


Every company wants to have mobile and web applications to reach the digital audience in this technology-driven world. Small and medium-sized businesses are the foundation of the global economy. However, these businesses have a limited budget. In this scenario, collaborating with a professional software development firm does not appear to be the ideal alternative. Hiring an in-house software developer is likewise inadvisable if you are in a non-technical niche. In this case, creating an application through codeless programming is the best option. They are very beneficial and productive, and anyone with no knowledge of application development can use them. Nothing can stop you from creating your own software products with these resources at your disposal. It also involves and utilizes your non-programmer workforce to ensure that the process is accelerated.


For more details, below is an explanation with a thorough example. Data entry in offline software is a time-consuming and repetitive process for every company. When you complete this process manually, the possibility of error increases. Popular data entry tools, such as Microsoft Excel, have unwelcome complications. They have commands that are also highly complex, which increases the likelihood of errors. In such cases, using a cloud-based application to record your company's data will simplify and expedite the process. Creating one for your firm was previously difficult. However, as long as your specifications are explicit, no code solutions will come in handy to design a super practical application. To avoid problems, the platform you select should provide all of the capabilities you desire. A tailored application not only simplifies the process but also improves the productivity and effectiveness of your staff.




2. What are the advantages of no code app development?

A. Time reduction

Pre-built reusable visual modules are included in no code app development platforms. The development is completed using drag-and-drop features, making the process inherently fast. Another time-consuming step is testing. This process automates it in order to reduce development time.


B. Increased productivity

Traditional development strains the IT workforce. They are frequently swamped with requests from other teams. Many other teams have come to a halt as a result of the delayed release of the application. The no code approach allows IT professionals to execute app development tasks that previously took months. As a result, organizational productivity rises.


C. Simple maintenance and post-construction modifications

Hand coding is a time-consuming activity, which is the same as later modification. For example, suppose you hired a team to develop an application for your company. They created an app in a programming language that you are unfamiliar with. When you need to change something, this is a major issue. No-coding is not only naturally user-friendly, but it also allows you to make modifications with no effort. The entire maintenance and update process takes only a few hours.


D. Profitable alternatives

The industry is in desperate need of competent developers. The good ones will set you back a small sum. No code tools save you money by eliminating the requirement for skilled development staffs. Once you are acquainted with these tools and know which one is appropriate for a specific sort of project, you will be able to make apps quickly and without breaking the bank. A team of professionals is not required to generate software from these technologies. The task will be completed by one tech-savvy individual. The expense of employing a skilled coder is decreased.


There is still debate regarding whether no code app development delivers a wide range of advantages for modern enterprises. They are appealing since they are simple to use, quick, and reasonably priced. However, there are some disadvantages that you should be aware of in order to make an informed decision regarding them. Software development is a huge investment for a company, and your business relies on it. If you make a rash decision without knowing the cons, there is a potential you might regret your decision. 




3. What are disadvantages of no code app development?

A. Features identification

Every no code platform has its own set of features. The app you're attempting to create should only include features that can be constructed using the tool you've chosen. This necessitates careful consideration before selecting a platform, as it must fit your needs. There is always the risk that if your demands change, you will outgrow the tools you chose in the first place.


B. Creativity limited by no code templates

Every business owner has a vision for their software applications, but there is something to consider when investing in no code app development. no code solutions provide a set of templates that can be customized based on your business operations. However, if you want to do anything more creative with the program, your chosen tool and its fixed template may not support it. This necessitates a real-time modification in your software goals to accommodate the tool's option. This is never an issue if you construct software from handwritten code because it is dynamic and in your hand. 


C. Increased security dangers

Because you will have little control over no-coding applications, they are best suited for firms that do not deal with sensitive data. Unlike when you construct an app from scratch by coding code, you are unfamiliar with its back end. If security is a big concern, you must assess your options because security and dependability are the most vulnerable aspects of no code app development. You must also consider worst-case scenarios, such as the no code app builder ceasing to function or being hacked. This is a concerning issue if you use no code apps.


D. Inadequate integration & no source code ownership

Every business owner does not have an up-to-date IT infrastructure. Some use a private cloud, third-party software, or in-house proprietary solutions. Integration of a no code constructed application with them is frequently a difficult task, and the scalability of a no code solution is jeopardized. Above all, with a no code solution, you do not have complete control over the source code, which is undesirable in the long run. When business requirements change, a no code solution is clearly ineffective in both cases.




4. Is no code app development appropriate for your company?

When it comes to basic applications with non-advanced features, no one can deny the utility of no code development. There are numerous advantages to codeless development. However, in other circumstances, they are not the best option because they limit the app's capabilities. This is not advantageous for firms in the upcoming competitive digital environment. A low-code or fully hand-coded application will always outperform no code platform-built software products. If your application requires minimal customization, no code solutions are the best choice. The majority of the time is spent in applications prepared for customers. When developing applications for a company's internal use, no code app development is preferred.




Final thoughts

To be honest, the possibilities for developing a software program are limitless. Each has its own set of selling factors and capabilities. Every day, numerous new companies are added to the list, making the choice even more difficult. Whether you choose a low-code platform, a no code platform, or a rapid development environment, you must prioritize security. You are completely responsible for your company's consumer data. So, if you have any doubts regarding the security capabilities of the no code products, don't be afraid to contact our customer service team. GCT Solution is confident to be an expert in mobile app development, which ensures the complete app development process from designing, and testing to deployment. 

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