Why And How Mobile Apps Benefit Companies

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Chi Vo

2022-09-26 10:30:42

gct solution mobile apps benefit companies

We are living in a constantly-changing era where every firm must quickly adapt to the latest technology innovations. Notably, IOS mobile apps, Android mobile apps, and other mobile applications are dominating the market. Also, the majority of savvy, forward-thinking entrepreneurs are counting on the mobile app revolution to grow their businesses. Indeed, the importance of mobile applications in corporate operations and business models cannot be overstated. Recognizing the rise and importance of this digital platform, GCT Solution - a mobile app development expert - will discuss why mobile apps help businesses and how to develop a mobile app to benefit your business. 

1. Why Do Businesses Need Mobile Apps? 

Businesses are utilizing mobile apps to enhance their job functions. As a result, their customers are more approachable to them.


A mobile app's goal is to effortlessly connect and interact with clients, making it a valuable tool for modern businesses. Currently, it is the most cost-effective and efficient method of reaching out to clients.


Thus, many major corporate industries are implementing an app development business plan that can assist their organizations in a variety of ways. The following is a list of advantages that businesses can obtain from mobile apps.


gct solution create mobile apps benefit business


A. Online Activities Boosting In Mobile Devices

Mobile apps can significantly contribute to the users’ time reduction. Specifically, it enables users to launch in seconds instead of running a web browser, entering URLs, and waiting for web load. 

Also, most of the app's information is offline-accessible, which allows certain features to operate offline. Therefore, the speed of the mobile app and its convenience attracts customers.


B. Cost-cutting When Developing A Mobile App

SMS, brochures, and paper newsletters are cheaper with mobile apps. Additionally, secure, quick, and direct texts can simplify customer communications. It also decreased staff workload by eliminating information requests and phone calls.


For example, in stores, mobile devices can scan barcodes, which staff can get a precise inventory count. Considerably, this has improved inventory reconciliation. 


C. Customer-focused/ Mobile App Services

Mobile app services make it easy to guide customers to your products or supports. They can access all information when needed.


You can also show them your new products or services. This can encourage customers to check for updates.


D. Direct Marketing Application

Mobile apps let you sell to end-users directly. It provides general information, product prices, search functions, news feeds, and so on.


Notably, all the information you want to give your consumers is available on a mobile app including special sales and promotions.


Also, push alerts on mobile apps bring you closer to customers. This lets you simply remind customers about your items and services when needed.


E. Customer-value-added

The fundamentals of business are give-and-take. Therefore, you must decide how to best market your products and services.


Due to roadside and internet banners, newspaper ads, email marketing, and so on, we're losing customer impact. If you want to boost sales and client interaction, consider offering value-added services.


In addition, providing a loyalty program can help you connect with customers. This can significantly boost your business and sales. Another considerable method is to provide reward points through their mobile apps, which directly affects customers' purchasing decisions.


To sum up, mobile apps may boost client happiness, which should be a primary priority that companies may consider.


F. Brand Awareness Building

Brand awareness is a strong strategy to enhance client loyalty. Since the world is digitalized, branded mobile apps are a great method to boost brand awareness.


Apps are often designed to meet business needs, from styles, information and functions. A successful mobile app should have the ability to convey the business vision and effectively optimize into features.


Also, it is well-considered to design an app with features your clients appreciate. It's well-branded and well-designed. Since the more clients use your app, the faster they'll acquire your products and services.


gct solution mobile apps benefit business


2. How Mobile Apps Help Businesses?

The frequently asked questions that business owners seek for on a daily basis can be summarized in three points: How does my business grow sales, enhance efficiency, and build a loyal customer foundation? So, how can a mobile app benefit your company? Examine the following points:


gct solution mobile apps benefit your business


A. How Can A Mobile App Boost Sales?

Loyalty programs of many varieties might be included in the mobile app. Each program is designed to increase frequent customers' returning rate and money-spending when they use the app. Rewards can also be employed in various ways, such as tiered levels. They provide your clients an incentive to climb up your different levels, with the ones at the top receiving more rewards. 


There's also gamification, in which awards can be granted to winning clients, and the ability to reward your clients for pre-defined behaviors – such as sharing an image or receiving a notice – can assist boost your bottom line. The scratch-and-win feature is a popular game that works for both end users and retailers.


B. How Does A Mobile App Increase Productivity?

Integrated shopping carts, integrated meal ordering, and personnel scheduling allow employers to house critical components of their digital footprint within the app. 


For example, a restaurant with an in-app meal ordering system will experience a significant rise in online and in-app purchasing. And a retail business that has an integrated e-commerce system will increase efficiency and sales. 


All firms may be able to boost employee engagement with built-in scheduling software that allows employees to be notified of their schedules in real time and to have it available on their cellphones at all times. They can no longer claim, "I forgot I was scheduled today," or "no one told me I was working."


C. How Does A Mobile App Create Loyal Customers?

This is one of the most crucial aspects on which a business owner must concentrate. Obviously, customers are a company's lifeblood. Successful companies understand this and make it a priority to generate loyalty and brand evangelists. 


Truth be told, mobile apps are among the most effective ways to communicate with and engage customers. The app allows your customers to communicate with your company on their own time. 


Statistically, push alerts can have open rates in excess of 90%. When compared to emails, which have open rates of 25-30%, you can see how the mobile app will become the most effective way for you to engage with your consumers. You may use a referral program to incentivize your consumers to send you new business and help you go viral.


gct solution create mobile apps that benefit your business


Final thoughts

One of the primary advantages of developing a mobile app is that it allows organizations to strengthen their brand. Furthermore, as an app is present on mobile devices, users may use it anywhere and at any time, whether it is during their leisure time or long commutes.


Moreover, it promotes the distribution of virtualized material due to its capacity to synchronize with social networks.


To conclude, customers are in charge of their networks, thus they can easily share your material on their social networks. As a result, they can increase your brand's identity and increase your chances of gaining clients.


Simply, this is how mobile apps may help you with your business. So, if you have an interest in developing your own mobile app, please kindly look through our services. GCT Solution - an expert in mobile app development in Vietnam, is confident to be your trusted partner with specialized knowledge and reliable services in the industry. 


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Author: Chi Vo - Content Marketing Executive

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