10 Benefits of Medical Coding Outsourcing

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2023-08-04 03:35:46

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10 Benefits of Medical Coding Outsourcing

The IT outsourcing market is growing and expanding significantly in these years based on the current trends. 

Let’s reveal the reasons why it is selected by many medical companies and understand how medical coding outsourcing can offer various benefits for a healthcare organization. 

1. Definition of medical coding outsourcing 

Medical coding outsourcing is the process of contracting an external service provider to handle the coding of medical records and claims for a healthcare organization.


2. Top 10 benefits of medical coding outsourcing

Medical Coding Outsourcing is important to medical companies because it can help them focus on their core capability to improve the quality, efficiency, and accessibility of their services, as well as reduce costs, errors, and risks. 

As summarized, some of the benefits of healthcare software development are:


•  Reducing costs

By outsourcing some of their tasks to IT providers who offer competitive pricing models, value-added services, reduced overheads, medical coding outsourcing can help healthcare organizations save costs. 


•  Increasing efficiency

Outsourcing medical coding can help healthcare organizations improve their productivity and performance by outsourcing some of their repetitive, manual, and redundant tasks. Healthcare IT providers have specialized expertise, innovation capability, and technological resources to deliver faster and more accurate solutions.


•  Improving quality

Their service quality and outcomes would be enhanced by outsourcing some of their complex and dynamic tasks to external providers with domain knowledge, quality standards, and customer service excellence to provide customized and effective solutions that meet healthcare organizations' specific needs and goals in a control time.


•  Focusing on core competencies

Hospitals can concentrate on their core activities and competencies by outsourcing some of their non-core tasks to external. In this way, healthcare organizations can devote more time and resources to patient care, clinical innovation, or strategic planning.


•  Accelerating cash flows

Medical IT outsourcing can help healthcare organizations speed up their revenue cycle by outsourcing some of their tasks that involve processing medical records and claims using various scientific codes such as ICD, CPT, HCPCS. Also, it helps healthcare organizations avoid delays and errors in coding and billing, as well as comply with regulations and standards.


•  Improving billing compliance

Medical IT outsourcing supports ensure that the coding and billing practices are in line with the regulatory, security, quality, and customer service standards of the healthcare industry. Thanks to that, medical companies will avoid audits, disputes, or reputational damages due to non-compliance.


•  Better patient satisfaction

When processes that are enrollment, eligibility, verification, authorization, credentialing, contracting are managed by technology, it will increase patient satisfaction, retention, loyalty, and referrals. In the long term, it improves customer service and communication with their patients.


•  Gaining complete control

This may involve defining the scope, deliverables, timelines, milestones, payment terms, performance indicators, reporting mechanisms, communication channels, escalation procedures, dispute resolution methods, and termination clauses of the outsourcing contract. Medical coding outsourcing can help healthcare organizations gain more control over technology projects.


•  Positive revenue

Healthcare organizations can optimize resource utilization, reduce costs, and improve outcomes by reviewing and approving the appropriateness, necessity, and quality of healthcare services. The whole process will be executed digitally.


•  Improved safety

Medical coding outsourcing can help healthcare organizations protect their sensitive and confidential data from potential breaches, thefts, or misuse by the external service provider or its subcontractors. Outsourcing this service can help healthcare organizations ensure that their data is encrypted, backed up, and stored securely.


3. How to select a trusted IT provider

Besides undeniable benefits, medical coding outsourcing challenges hospitals with some risks related to data security, legal compliance. That requires companies to be careful when choosing a trusted IT provider. Here are some steps to help you: 

•  Analyse vendor’s capability in the healthcare industry 

You should look for a company that has relevant experience in the healthcare industry and can demonstrate its knowledge of the latest technologies, regulations, and standards. Their software development portfolios give you a better idea of project quality.


•  Research the working process

You should also inquire about their software development process and methodology, as well as how they communicate and collaborate with their clients. You should look for a company that follows agile practices, uses modern tools and frameworks, and ensures transparency and feedback throughout the project lifecycle. Checking how they handle testing, quality assurance, security, maintenance, and support is a must.


•  Understand the engagement models to find the optimized

There are some different engagement models that the healthcare software development company can offer, and choose the one that suits your needs and preferences. You can opt for a fixed-price model, a time-and-material model, or a dedicated team model depending on your project scope, budget, timeline, and flexibility.


Choosing a good healthcare software development company requires deep research and reference. Depending on your requirement and budget, you can take suitable research and reference to find out a matching one. 




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