The Revolution of IT in the Finance Sector

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The Revolution of IT in the Finance Sector

The application of IT in finance is an indispensable condition in the context of increasingly complex customer demands. The revolution in information technology brings undeniable benefits and some applications of IT in the financial sector have set a new game for this highly brain-demanding industry.

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1. Definition of IT in the Finance Sector

IT, or information technology, is the use of digital devices, software, and networks to store, process, and communicate data. IT has become an essential part of many industries, especially in the finance sector, which comprises banking, mortgages, credit cards, payment services, tax preparation and planning, accounting, and investing.

It is known that the finance sector is one of the most IT-intensive industries in the world. The finance sector has also been spending a large revenue rate for IT, just only behind the software and internet industry. IT services for the financial industry include data analysis, automation, security, and innovation to provide customers with efficient and reliable financial services. 




2. The Application of IT in Finance

•  Banking

Banking is the most popular kind of finance job. Working in a bank involves offering a wide range of financial services, such as checking accounts, savings accounts, loans, and IRAs. Banks use IT to manage their transactions, records, customer service, security, and online banking platforms. IT also enables banks to offer new products and services, such as mobile banking, biometric authentication, and blockchain technology.


•  Financial planning and advising

Financial planning relates to consultant meetings with a client and helping them to create a functional plan for their personal financial funds or business finances. Financial advising involves providing guidance to businesses and individuals making important investment decisions. Financial planners and advisers use IT to access and analyze financial data, create reports and presentations, communicate with clients and colleagues, and research market trends and opportunities. IT also helps financial planners and advisers to comply with regulations, protect client privacy, and enhance customer satisfaction.


•  Investing

Investing is the process of allocating money to assets or ventures with the expectation of generating income or profit in the future. Investing can involve stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), real estate investment trusts (REITs), commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc. Investors use IT to monitor, trade or invest online, access real-time market information and news, perform financial analysis and modeling, and manage their portfolios. IT also enables investors to explore new investment strategies and platforms, such as robo-advisors, algorithmic trading, and crowdfunding.



3. How IT contributes to finance sectors 

Technology application helps with the finance sector in many ways, such as:

•  Improving the efficiency and accessibility of financial services

Technology enables financial institutions to offer faster, cheaper, and more convenient services to their customers, such as online banking, mobile payments, robo-advisors, and peer-to-peer lending. Technology also helps to reach underserved segments of the population, such as the unbanked or underbanked, by providing them with alternative and inclusive financial solutions. For example, fintech is reshaping the future of finance by creating more opportunities for financial inclusion and economic development


•  Enhancing the security and reliability of financial transactions and data

IT in financial services helps to protect financial information and systems from unauthorized access, fraud, theft, and cyberattacks. Technology also helps to ensure the accuracy and integrity of financial records and processes, such as accounting, auditing, reporting, and compliance. For example, blockchain technology is a distributed ledger system that can enable secure, transparent, and traceable transactions across multiple parties


•  Innovating and transforming the financial products and markets

IT in finance helps to create new and improved financial services and products that meet the changing needs and preferences of customers. Technology also helps to foster competition and innovation in the financial sector by enabling new entrants, business models, and platforms. For example, cryptocurrencies are digital assets that can be used as alternative forms of money or store of value.




4. The revolution of IT in the finance sector

Some of the trends and technologies that are impacting IT in the finance sector in 2023 are:

•  Contactless services

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many customers and businesses have shifted to using contactless methods of payment, such as mobile wallets, QR codes, NFC cards, and biometrics. Contactless services offer convenience, speed, and safety for both parties. According to statistics from Visa, almost 33% of businesses now accept less or have stopped accepting cash, with 78% of consumers changing how they pay for items as well.


•  Digital society

With the increasing access and use of smartphones and computers, more people are able to connect to the digital world and access financial services online. This can help increase financial inclusion, especially for the unbanked and underbanked populations, who lack access to traditional financial institutions. For example, mobile money platforms allow people to send and receive money, pay bills, and save using their phones without a bank account.


•  Artificial intelligence

AI uses machines and algorithms to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as processing data, making decisions, and providing recommendations. AI can help improve the efficiency, accuracy, and personalization of financial services. For example, many tools were invented such as robo-advisors that use algorithms to provide automated investment advice and portfolio management based on the customer's goals, risk preferences, and financial situation.


•  Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Blockchain is a technology that enables secure and fast transactions without intermediaries or central authorities. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that use blockchain as their underlying technology. These technologies can help reduce transaction costs, increase transparency, and offer new products and services, such as cross-border payments, remittances, and digital wallets. For example, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that allows peer-to-peer transactions without relying on a central bank or intermediary.


•  Cloud computing and robotic process automation

Cloud computing is a high technology that allows banks to store up and access data and applications over the internet. RPA is a technology that allows banks to automate and streamline manual, repetitive, and complex tasks. These technologies can help improve the scalability, agility, and flexibility of banking operations. They can also help reduce infrastructure costs, optimize resources, and enhance security.


•  Open banking and digital platforms: Open banking is a model that allows customers to share their financial data and access financial services from multiple providers through a single platform. Digital platforms are online marketplaces that connect customers with various financial service providers. These models can help increase customer choice, convenience, and value. They can also help banks to reach new potential customers, create new revenue sources, and enhance customer loyalty.


The revolution of IT in the finance sector is a topic that has attracted a lot of attention from both business owners and stakeholders. IT is reshaping the future of finance by creating new opportunities for providers as well as consumers of financial services, which is showing its important role in the industry. 





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