Incremental And Iterative Model: What Is It? How Does It Work?

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Trinh Nguyen

2022-06-29 08:34:57

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The Incremental and Iterative Model is a part of the SDLC. Containing both incremental and iterative nature, the model combines the best of their advantages. That’s why this process is among one of the most popular software development models. 


The definition of Incremental And Iterative Model 

Incremental And Iterative Model is a process requiring both the iterative design method and the incremental build model. It is a model usually applied in software development management. 


You should divide the Incremental And Iterative Model into 2 parts to fully understand it: 

  • Incremental: The incremental method divides the software development process into small, manageable chunks called “increments”. Each increment is based on the prior version, pursuing gradual improvement.  

  • Iterative: Iterative software development refers to the process of repeating software development operations in cycles known as “iterations”. A new version of the software is developed after each iteration until the best one is agreed on by both parties. 


Because iterative and incremental development techniques are complimentary in nature, they are frequently combined to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the software development team. 


The main focus of Incremental And Iterative Model 

  • A list of priorities is a must at the beginning of the project. 

  • Delivery time is quick. 

  • Important functionality is delivered to clients ahead of schedule. 

  • Reduction of the cost of demo. 

  • Each release is a product increment, ensuring that the client always has an improving, functional product when they need. 

  • Changes in requirements are simple to accommodate. 


Steps of Incremental And Iterative Model 

The system's functionality is divided into increments through incremental development. From the requirements until the deployment, each increment delivers a tangible functionality through cross-discipline collaboration. Inception, elaboration, construction, and transition are 4 main phases of the Incremental And Iterative Model. 


1. Inception  

This phase determines project scope, requirements (both functional and non-functional), and potential risks. 


2. Elaboration 

Developers produce a workable design that addresses the major risks while also satisfying non-functional criteria. 


3. Construction 

Developers write code to fill in the architecture, following the functional requirements' analysis, design, implementation. Testers stay focused on finding any probable problems and fixing bugs. 


4. Transition 

The system is moved to a production operational environment. At the end of this stage, the finished software product can be handed over to clients. 


Each of the phases may be divided into 1 or more iterations, which are usually based on time or features. Architects and analysts work one iteration in advance. Then, developers and testers execute their work to complete the phase. 


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Of course, there are other approaches used in project planning, such as Kanban or XP, and you can choose one based on your needs.  




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