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2022-09-26 06:49:07

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With the advancement of technologies such as blockchain and the rise of digital currencies like Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) have emerged as the most innovative way for businesses to raise capital, particularly those based on blockchain developments. Indeed, ICOs allow blockchain-based enterprises to not only raise funds without giving up equity but also to increase presale tokens by building a community of motivated users who want to attain a successful project. Recognizing the importance of ICO for blockchain development in general, and for blockchain-based startups in particular, GCT Solution, a blockchain company in Vietnam, will provide an overview of ICO in blockchain developments


What Is An Ico?


In general, ICOs are another type of cryptocurrency used by businesses to raise funds. In exchange for their monetary investment, investors obtain "unique cryptocurrency tokens" in the company through ICO trading platforms. It is a method of supporting project development through the production and sale of a digital token.


Specifically, this one-of-a-kind token works as a unit of money, granting shareholders access to certain characteristics of a project controlled by the issuing corporation. These tokens are distinctive since they assist in open-source software projects which have difficulty in traditional arrangement funding. 


To understand more about this concept, GCT Solution provides an example for you to better understand. Supposedly, a corporation is providing an initial coin offering (ICO) to invest in and sell decentralized cloud storage. The solution is built on blockchain developments and distributes information globally to alleviate the burden on each server. Also, it protects your information with verification and guarantees that only you have access to it. However, the firm needs funding to expand and improve its technology. As a result, in exchange for the ICO crypto, the firm can give some type of previously created cloud storage space to their investors. This provides two advantages to investors. For starters, they have access to special cloud storage spaces before regular customers. Second, they will profit from the ICO since the token value will climb as the company expands and becomes more profitable. 


To summarize, ICOs are new and potentially profitable coins designed to fund blockchain development projects. To properly implement this currency in your business, you must first comprehend blockchain development technology. Let's dig in and learn more about blockchain developments with GCT Solution.

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What Are Blockchain Developments?


Blockchain is a data ledger, which dominates discussions about the progression of technology, from blockchain cryptocurrency to blockchain cybersecurity. However, while the blockchain's applications seem boundless, few understand it.


In the past, financial organizations kept ledgers of transactions. Only privileged users could audit traditional ledgers. Blockchain democratized these principles by removing confidentiality around transaction data.


Currently, a blockchain is a constantly updated catalog of transactions. It can capture and track anything of value over a network of different places and entities. This builds a global computer spider web.


Beneficially, blockchain developments are not limited to cryptocurrencies. Its capacity to add and keep data makes it useful across sectors. To further understand the benefits of ICO, consider why startup businesses should invest in ICO.

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Why Should You Invest In Ico?

gct solution why should you invest in ico

1. Liquidity


Lack of liquidity discourages people from investing. Capital is often unavailable for years. The secondary market for ICOs entails real-time pricing based on the project's value.


2. Decentralizing


When the ICO accepts cryptocurrency, anyone can participate. The only condition for most ICOs is timely fund transfer.


3. Openness


ICOs allow anyone to invest any time. Traditional startup funding mechanisms make it difficult to become an early investor unless you know one of the founders.


Early investors avoid premiums and save money. To become an early investor, contributors must watch upcoming ICOs and buy tokens immediately after launch.


4. Cost Variance


Because ICOs can fund any project, token values fluctuate from startup to startup. This reduces risk and boosts profits. Multimillion-dollar ICOs are possible since many investors can contribute.


5. Competition


Traditional fundraising techniques are difficult for many initiatives, especially if they lack appeal. Sometimes this is due to location (the project is outside a major wealth center) or the sort of service, especially for non-profits. ICOs' straightforward funding mechanisms can fund any project.


6. Invest In Crypto-profits


Holders of cryptocurrencies don't want to convert it to money and pay taxes. Cryptocurrencies continue to gain value, but consumers can't use it. ICOs are ideal.


More investors are learning about ICOs' benefits and looking to invest. Consider an ICO if you're looking for a way to fund your startup and investors.


How Does An Initial Coin Offering (Ico) Function?


ICO development is a complex procedure that needs extensive expertise of technology, finance, and legality. However, with the support of GCT Solution, a blockchain development industry expert, things are getting easier. The following are the steps in an ICO development:


1. Identifying Icos Investment Objectives


Every ICO begins with a company's desire to raise funds. The company determines the target audience for its fundraising campaign and develops information about the company or project for possible investors.


2. ICOs Token Production


Token creation is the next phase in the initial coin offering process. Tokens are blockchain-based representations of an asset or function. Tokens are both transferable and fungible. Tokens are not to be confused with cryptocurrencies because they are simply adaptations of current cryptocurrencies. Unlike stocks, tokens rarely represent an equity stake in a company. Instead, the majority of the tokens provide their owners a stake in a company-created product or service.


Tokens are generated on specific blockchain systems. Token generation is a very straightforward process because a corporation is not required to build code from scratch, as with the creation of new coins. Instead, current blockchain platforms that operate existing cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, allow the tokens to be created with small code changes.


3. ICOs Advertising Campaign


A corporation will often undertake a promotion campaign to attract new investors at the same time. Notably, campaigns are often conducted online in order to reach the biggest number of investors. However, several prominent web platforms, including Facebook and Google, now prohibit the advertising of ICOs.


4. Initial Public Offering


Following the production of the tokens, they are made available to investors. The offering could be divided across many rounds. The company can then utilize the ICO proceeds to create a new product or service, while investors can anticipate using the acquired tokens to benefit from this product/service or wait for the tokens' value to appreciate.


Final Thoughts: 


Although there are concerns and risks for startups considering this coin, it is evident that ICO development is a cost-effective and successful technique. In this article, GCT Solution has provided a full overview of ICOs and blockchain development’s definitions, the benefits of ICOs, and the methods for blockchain-based enterprises to use and put ICOs into action. However, it may be risky to invest this coin without assistance. Recognizing the difficult path that startups may follow, GCT Solution, a blockchain company in Vietnam, offers numerous options to simplify and accelerate your progress. Let’s consider our Blockchain Development service for further information!


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