Top Healthcare Outsourcing Services for 2024

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Top Healthcare Outsourcing Services for 2024

The healthcare industry is increasingly turning to outsourcing services to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve patient care quality. Healthcare outsourcing allows providers to make use of third-party vendors’ expertise for functions like medical coding, health information management, and electronic health records management. Healthcare organizations can focus on delivering quality care while achieving significant cost savings of nearly 30% by delegating non-core operations to specialized outsourcing companies.

The global healthcare outsourcing services market, valued at over $400 billion, is projected to witness substantial growth by 2026 driven by factors like rising healthcare costs, demand for business process outsourcing (BPO) services, and the need for streamlined operations. Common outsourced healthcare services include pre-authorization, accounts receivable management, medical process outsourcing, and hospital outsourcing, enabling healthcare providers to access leading solutions shaped by industry-focused innovation and specialization. 

Understanding Healthcare Outsourcing

Definition and Scope

Healthcare outsourcing refers to the practice of healthcare organizations partnering with third-party vendors to manage one or more business operations.  By delegating certain tasks to external organizations or individuals, healthcare providers aim to improve hospital or health service performance. This allows them to focus on delivering quality patient care while using the expertise of outsourcing companies to improve efficiencies.  

The scope of healthcare outsourcing encompasses a wide range of functions, including:

  1. Clinical roles such as medical transcription and billing 
  2. General administrative responsibilities like IT, customer support, and HR 
  3. Essential but non-core tasks like billing, coding, and call center operations (healthcare process outsourcing)  
  4. Customer service and support services (healthcare customer service outsourcing)  


Types of Healthcare Outsourcing Services 

Some common healthcare services that are frequently outsourced include:

  1. Healthcare coding and financial management: Managing healthcare coding, billing processes, and financial aspects is a complex task that requires specialized expertise. Outsourcing these functions to third-party coders ensures accuracy and efficiency.  
  2. Claims management and processing: Handling tasks like managing insurance policies, gathering policyholder information, ensuring account accuracy, and submitting claims to clearinghouses can be outsourced to ensure accuracy and efficiency.  
  3. Data input services: Accurate data entry is crucial in healthcare due to the vast amounts of information generated daily. Outsourcing data entry services helps manage the overwhelming volume of information efficiently. 
  4. Medical record transcription: Outsourcing medical transcription services to healthcare Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms saves costs associated with full-time assistants and ensures timely and accurate transcriptions.  
  5. Receivables management: Outsourcing receivables management can significantly benefit healthcare providers by enhancing cash flow and reducing the administrative burden associated with chasing payments. 


Benefits of Outsourcing for Healthcare Providers

Outsourcing in the healthcare industry offers several advantages, including:

  1. Cost savings and operational efficiencies: By delegating tasks, healthcare organizations can trim expenses related to staff hiring, training, and overheads.  
  2. Access to specialized expertise and resources: Partnering with external providers grants access to specialized skills and resources not readily available in-house, elevating service quality.  
  3. Focus on core competencies and strategic initiatives: Delegating non-core functions allows healthcare entities to concentrate on essential activities like patient care and research, fostering innovation and growth.  
  4. Scalability and flexibility in resource allocation: External partnerships enable healthcare facilities to adjust resources based on demand fluctuations, avoiding the commitments of permanent staff.  
  5. Improved compliance and regulatory adherence: External partners often specialize in regulatory compliance, ensuring healthcare organizations meet industry standards and minimizing the risk of penalties and legal issues.  

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Top Healthcare Outsourcing Companies in the US


Accenture is a dominant force within consulting and technology services, bringing formidable experience in driving innovation for healthcare clients. It provides various healthcare BPO services spanning patient access, health plan operations, medical coding, finance and accounting, supply chain orchestration, and clinical delivery network optimization.  With end-to-end intelligent automation capabilities, Accenture enables healthcare organizations to reshape experiences via digitization, boosting productivity and cost efficiency. Its global delivery network underpins a consistent framework for healthcare transformations.  


WNS Global Services

WNS Global Services offers various outsourcing solutions for payers, providers, and pharmaceutical enterprises. With delivery locations worldwide, WNS Global Services provides round-the-clock support enabled by a global talent pool of over 50,000 domain experts and advanced technologies.  It serves diverse healthcare sub-verticals, including insurance, hospitals, medical technology, biopharmaceuticals, contract research organizations, clinical research organizations, and contract sales organizations. WNS Global Services enables clients to enhance speed-to-market, drive efficiencies, boost patient engagement, and enable analytics-based decision-making.  



A widely respected brand within global outsourcing, Cognizant brings extensive healthcare expertise spanning over two decades. It provides specialized healthcare business process solutions to drive operational excellence across the ecosystem. Core offerings include revenue cycle management, health plan operations, digital health solutions, healthcare interoperability, data science, and intelligent process automation.   Cognizant enables payers, providers, and life sciences organizations to optimize costs, boost user experiences, and enhance patient care quality. It combines domain consulting, digital engineering expertise, proprietary platforms, and a global delivery model powered by over 300,000 associates.  Cognizant helps global 2000 healthcare enterprises transform with future-ready capabilities. 


Infinit-O Global

Infinit-O markets itself as a next-generation healthcare outsourcing provider infusing solutions with adaptability and innovation. It provides specialized healthcare outsourcing across provider revenue cycle management, healthcare analytics, medical coding, health information management, and front-end revenue cycle operations.    Infinit-O brings operational agility to clients via onshore, offshore, and nearshore delivery competencies. 

Central to Infinit-O's value proposition is proprietary technology delivering improved automation, real-time reporting, and advanced analytics. Examples include robotic process automation, optical character recognition, and speech-enabled AI.  This technology orientation enables enhanced efficiencies, better cash flows, and client decision enablement.  Infinit-O serves healthcare organizations seeking quality and innovation alongside cost arbitrage. 


Tri Source International

Tri Source International delivers healthcare business process outsourcing services driven by customer-centricity and a spirit of partnership. Its solutions portfolio is centered on enhancing patient experiences via back-office and front-office support. Services span health plan operations, customer engagement, medical coding, fulfillment, payment integrity, data analytics, and robotic process automation.  

Positioning itself as an extension of clients' teams, Tri Source International combines domain expertise, smart technologies, and security protocols to unlock value.  Tri Source International offers flexibility tailored to unique needs with onshore, offshore, and nearshore delivery capabilities.  Omni-channel patient support solutions represent a key specialty targeted at improving consumerism and loyalty.  


Key Considerations for Healthcare Outsourcing

Compliance and Data Security

Regulations governing healthcare data and operations are extensive and complex. Outsourcing partners must comply with standards like HIPAA, especially when offshoring is involved.  Organizations can mitigate risks by vetting provider capabilities thoroughly, using encryption technologies, and setting clear contractual obligations. 

Protecting sensitive patient information is paramount when outsourcing healthcare services. Service providers should have advanced data security systems, access controls, employee screening procedures, and disaster recovery plans in place.  Comprehensive audits help to identify and resolve vulnerabilities proactively. 

HIPAA stands for the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a US law established in 1996 to enforce data security measures protecting patients' medical information.  This Act regulates the processing of protected health information (PHI) by any organization working in the US market.  All electronic protected health information (ePHI) is covered under HIPAA security law. 

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into force in 2008 in the European Union to protect individuals' sensitive data across sectors, including healthcare.  Even non-EU organizations must comply with GDPR rules when handling data of EU citizens worldwide.  Healthcare data is a highly protected category under GDPR, potentially intersecting with US regulations like HIPAA. 


Quality Control and Patient Experience

Variability in output quality can arise with healthcare outsourcing if adequate quality control measures aren't implemented. Clear quality benchmarks, service level agreements, compliance monitoring, and feedback channels help ensure consistency.  Regular reviews and process refinements are key. 

Outsourced medical billing can contribute to improved patient engagement by streamlining billing processes and ensuring accurate invoicing, enhancing transparency and communication regarding financial responsibilities.  This fosters trust, satisfaction, and stronger patient-provider relationships. 


Cost-Effectiveness and Scalability

Efficiencies gained by outsourcing high-cost business processes reduces expenses significantly.   Outsourcing offers cost savings by reducing operational expenses associated with hiring and training an in-house team. 

BPO services can scale up and down as organizational needs change, providing flexibility and scalability.   By outsourcing billing tasks to specialized companies, practices can save on staffing, training, and technology expenses while adjusting services according to changing needs. 

Outsourcing certain functions allows healthcare centers to reinvest saved financial resources in crucial areas like advanced technology and skilled medical specialists.  Reputable healthcare BPO agencies provide access to highly skilled professionals specializing in fields like medical billing, claims management, and record maintenance, optimizing operations and service quality. 




Offshore healthcare outsourcing: A more affordable solution

What is offshore healthcare outsourcing?

Offshore healthcare outsourcing refers to the practice of healthcare organizations partnering with third-party vendors located in other countries to manage one or more business operations.  By delegating certain tasks to external organizations overseas, healthcare providers aim to reduce costs while improving operational efficiencies. 

Facing growing cost pressures, more hospitals are likely to look at outsourcing some functions, such as revenue cycle management, billing, finance, and other areas, to offshore companies outside of the United States.  This allows healthcare organizations to make use of the availability of skilled yet affordable talent in regions like India, the Philippines, and Eastern Europe, making them appealing destinations for higher-value clinical processes. 


What are top countries for healthcare outsourcing?


India stands out as an unparalleled destination for businesses seeking to outsource their operations, boasting the world's largest higher education system and a reputation for producing top-notch professionals.  Key advantages of outsourcing to India include:

  1. Highly skilled talent pool, particularly in software development: With an impressive employment rate of 93.5% for software engineers and a projected revenue market of US$7.72 billion, India's expertise in software development is undisputed.  
  2. English language proficiency: India ranks second globally in terms of English-speaking population, minimizing communication barriers and ensuring seamless interaction with clients worldwide. 
  3. Renowned work ethic and business values: Indian professionals exhibit qualities conducive to success, such as diligence, determination, and a commitment to continuous learning. 
  4. Cost savings without compromising quality: The average salaries for BPO workers in India are substantially lower than in Western countries, with the cost of living also being significantly more affordable, making India one of the top outsourcing countries. 


The Philippines

The Philippines has solidified its position as the world's "BPO Capital" for over a decade, emerging as a top outsourcing country favored by global enterprises.  Key advantages of outsourcing to the Philippines include:

  1. Exceptional English language proficiency: The Philippines ranked 18th globally in 2021 with an impressive rate of 98.18%, ensuring effective communication and minimizing language barriers. 
  2. Cost-effective living: Lower salary rates and operational costs compared to Western counterparts make the Philippines economically advantageous for outsourcing. 
  3. Renowned work ethics: Filipino remote teams are known for their diligence, resilience, and commitment to delivering high-quality work. 
  4. Cultural compatibility: Rooted in its rich history and openness to diverse cultures, Filipinos exhibit respect for foreign practices, fostering an inclusive work environment. 



Vietnam's ascent as a top outsourcing destination traces back to the mid-2000s, fueled by its compelling combination of competitive costs and a burgeoning population of young, tech-savvy individuals.  Key advantages of outsourcing to Vietnam include:

  1. Competitive costs: Vietnam offers competitive costs, making it an attractive proposition for businesses seeking cost-effective yet high-quality solutions. 
  2. Growing pool of tech-savvy professionals: Vietnam's expanding pool of tech-savvy professionals ensures a steady supply of talent capable of meeting diverse client needs and industry demands. 
  3. Expertise in software development, IT outsourcing, and digital marketing services: Vietnam's growing reputation in these areas underscores its evolution as a key player in the global outsourcing landscape. 
  4. Strategic location: Vietnam's strategic location in Southeast Asia offers proximity to key markets and facilitates seamless business operations across borders. 


GCT Solution - A healthcare outsourcing company in Vietnam

GCT Solution is a leading healthcare outsourcing company based in Vietnam, using the country's competitive advantages to provide cost-effective and high-quality solutions to healthcare organizations globally. 

With a focus on digitalization and innovation, GCT Solution offers a range of services, including:

  1. Healthcare app development: GCT Solution can help you develop a healthcare app for your customers or a staff management system to enhance customer experience and streamline business operations. 
  2. Logistics and supply chain optimization: Using GCT Solution's digitalization expertise can help logistics businesses boost productivity and efficiency of operations, ensuring trust, security, and commitment. 

GCT Solution's competitive costs, growing talent pool, and strategic location in Vietnam position it as a compelling choice for healthcare organizations seeking to optimize their operations through offshore outsourcing.  



Final Thought:

The healthcare industry's embrace of outsourcing reflects a strategic shift towards operational efficiency, cost optimization, and enhanced patient care quality. By partnering with specialized outsourcing providers, healthcare organizations gain access to domain expertise, advanced technologies, and scalable resources tailored to their unique needs. From revenue cycle management and medical coding to data analytics and customer engagement, outsourcing enables healthcare entities to streamline operations, reduce administrative burdens, and concentrate on their core competencies.

As the global healthcare landscape evolves, outsourcing will continue to play a pivotal role in driving innovation, compliance, and patient-centric experiences. Reputable outsourcing companies, with their cutting-edge solutions, robust security protocols, and flexible delivery models, are well-positioned to help healthcare providers navigate challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities. 

If you are seeking a seasoned IT provider, GCT Solution is the ideal choice. With 3 years of expertise, we specialize in Mobile App , Web App, System Development, Blockchain Development and Testing Services. Our 100+ skilled IT consultants and developers can handle projects of any size. Having successfully delivered over 50+ solutions to clients worldwide, we are dedicated to supporting your goals. Reach out to us for a detailed discussion, confident that GCT Solution is poised to meet all your IT needs with tailored, efficient solutions.


1. What are the expected trends in outsourcing services going forward?
The future of outsourcing services is set to be profoundly influenced by artificial intelligence (AI). AI is anticipated to drive cost reductions, enhance control, and boost efficiency across various sectors, particularly in outsourced call centers where accurate and fast transactions are crucial.

2. Who is the leading provider of outsourced healthcare facilities services in the United States?
Medxcel stands out as one of the largest and most trusted providers of healthcare facilities services across the United States.

3. What are the most prevalent types of outsourcing utilized by businesses?
Companies commonly engage in three types of outsourcing: onshore (within the same country), nearshore (to a nearby country with lower labor costs), and offshore (to a distant country, possibly on another continent). Additionally, businesses frequently outsource services related to business processes, IT, and manufacturing.

4. Which country is considered the top destination for outsourcing?
The Philippines is recognized as the premier outsourcing destination globally, often referred to as the “BPO Capital” for over a decade, making it the top choice for international companies seeking outsourcing solutions.




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