Fintech Outsourcing: A Comprehensive Guideline

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2023-08-25 11:36:35

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Fintech Outsourcing: A Comprehensive Guideline

Fintech companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance their offerings, streamline operations, and deliver top-notch services to their customers. One strategy that has gained significant traction in recent years is outsourcing. Fintech outsourcing involves delegating specific technology-related tasks or services to external partners, allowing companies to focus on their core competencies and leverage the expertise of specialized vendors. This comprehensive guideline explores the importance of outsourcing in fintech, the technologies that can be outsourced, applications of outsourcing in software development, and other outsourcing services relevant to fintech development. Let's delve in!


Why is Outsourcing Important in Fintech?

Outsourcing has emerged as a strategic imperative for fintech companies due to a multitude of reasons. 

Accessing a Global Pool of Talent

Firstly, it enables companies to tap into a global pool of talent, accessing highly skilled professionals and specialized teams. This can be especially advantageous when seeking expertise in areas where in-house resources might be limited. According to a Deloitte survey, 59% of financial institutions outsource to gain access to best practices and external expertise.


Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is another compelling factor. Outsourcing can significantly reduce operational costs associated with hiring, training, and retaining employees. The National Outsourcing Association reports that companies can save up to 70% on operational costs through outsourcing. This is particularly relevant in fintech, where keeping up with rapidly evolving technologies can be financially burdensome.


Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and flexibility are also notable advantages. Fintech is characterized by its dynamic nature, and outsourcing allows companies to quickly scale up or down based on market demands without the constraints of permanent employees.




Technologies that Fintech Companies can Outsource

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has revolutionized how fintech companies manage and store data. By outsourcing cloud infrastructure and services, fintech firms can focus on developing innovative applications and services without the overhead of maintaining complex hardware and software setups. According to Statista, the global public cloud services market is projected to reach $623.3 billion by 2023. This underscores the significance of cloud adoption in fintech.


AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The integration of AI in fintech has led to advancements in customer service, fraud detection, risk assessment, and investment strategies. AI-powered chatbots provide instant customer support, enhancing user experience. Outsourcing AI development can accelerate the implementation of these solutions. For instance, Kasisto, an AI-powered conversational platform for banking and finance, has enabled banks to offer AI-driven virtual assistants to their customers, enhancing engagement and support.



Blockchain technology has disrupted traditional financial processes by introducing decentralized and secure transactions. Fintech companies can outsource the development of blockchain-based solutions, enabling them to create transparent, tamper-proof, and efficient systems for payments, supply chain finance, and identity verification. The partnership between R3 and HQLAx to develop a blockchain-based securities lending platform exemplifies the potential of outsourcing in this domain.


Big Data Analytics

In the fintech sector, data is a goldmine for uncovering customer behavior patterns, market trends, and risk assessment. Outsourcing big data analytics can help fintech companies derive meaningful insights from large datasets. Companies like Plaid offer data analytics services that enable fintech firms to access and analyze financial data securely, enhancing their decision-making processes.



Cybersecurity is paramount with the increasing frequency of cyberattacks in the financial industry. Outsourcing cybersecurity services allows fintech companies to leverage the expertise of specialized firms to safeguard sensitive customer information and maintain regulatory compliance. For instance, the partnership between Early Warning Services and Fiserv illustrates how outsourcing can enhance fraud prevention and security.



Applications of Outsourcing Software Development in Finance

Trading Platforms

Fintech companies often require robust trading platforms with real-time data feeds, order execution capabilities, and advanced analytical tools. Outsourcing the development of these platforms can expedite their launch to market and ensure they are equipped with cutting-edge features. GCT Solution, a leading fintech outsourcing provider in Vietnam, has developed a trading marketplace (NFT) for a Hong Kong-based fintech client. This is the first NFT marketplace on the Fuse Network, allowing users to trade and explore digital assets.

Highlight Features:

  • Generation of key pairs and addresses
  • Performance of audit-related functions
  • Data authentication (through digital signatures and hashes)
  • Data storage and retrieval
  • Smart-asset lifecycle management
  • Smart contracts


Risk Management Systems

Effective risk management is vital in fintech to ensure the stability of financial operations. Outsourcing risk management system development can help companies implement sophisticated algorithms and models to assess, mitigate, and manage risks. Numerix, a company specializing in risk technology, provides outsourced solutions for risk assessment and valuation.


Accounting Software

Fintech companies often require accounting software tailored to their unique needs, such as automated transaction tracking, real-time reporting, and compliance features. Outsourcing accounting software development enables companies to access specialized expertise in financial software development while concentrating on their core offerings.


Payment Processing Systems

Payment processing is a critical function in fintech, demanding reliability, security, and scalability. Outsourcing the development of payment processing systems ensures compliance with industry standards and enables fintech firms to offer seamless payment experiences to customers. Adyen, a global payment solutions provider, offers outsourced payment processing services to various businesses.


Compliance Software

Staying compliant with financial regulations is non-negotiable in fintech. Outsourcing compliance software development can assist companies in creating automated solutions that monitor regulatory changes, ensure adherence, and streamline reporting. Companies like ComplyAdvantage offer outsourced compliance solutions that leverage AI and data analytics to identify financial crime and compliance risks.




Other Fintech Outsourcing Services

Apart from the technologies and applications mentioned above, there are several other outsourcing services relevant to fintech development:

Customer Support Services

Outsourcing customer support can provide 24/7 assistance to users, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement. Companies like TaskUs offer outsourced customer support services, catering to the specific needs of fintech companies.


Mobile App Development

In the mobile-first era, fintech companies require intuitive and user-friendly mobile apps. Outsourcing mobile app development can accelerate the launch of these apps, ensuring they are optimized for various platforms and devices.


Data Entry and Management

Accurate data entry and management are crucial for maintaining the integrity of financial operations. Outsourcing data entry tasks can improve efficiency and accuracy while reducing administrative burdens.


Market Research

Outsourcing market research can help fintech companies understand industry trends, customer preferences, and competitive landscapes, guiding their strategic decision-making processes.


Digital Marketing

Effective digital marketing is essential for fintech companies to reach their target audience and drive user adoption. Outsourcing digital marketing services can provide expertise in SEO, content creation, and social media management.




Final Thoughts:

Fintech outsourcing offers a myriad of benefits, enabling companies to harness external expertise, reduce costs, and enhance scalability. By outsourcing technology development and services, fintech firms can focus on their core competencies, drive innovation, and deliver exceptional value to their customers. As the fintech landscape continues to evolve, outsourcing is poised to play an increasingly integral role in shaping the industry's trajectory.

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