eCommerce Mobile App Testing: What You Need To Consider?

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2023-02-06 06:41:20

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When you visit a high-quality e-commerce mobile application, your purchasing experience is enjoyable. The homepage is well-arranged with featured products, and the “add to cart” button functions well. Everything feels interactive. The loading time of a page is less than a second. As soon as we enter a query into the search field, information is returned. When using the mobile application, it appears to be simple to use.


These e-commerce platforms undoubtedly foster an emotional connection with their users and help them realize how much they and they need one another. Profits for businesses are raised.


But how to ensure that your eCommerce mobile app functions well? Like other software, the app needs a thorough testing process. In this article, GCT Solution will provide eCommerce mobile app testing, including definition, challenges and checklist. 


What Is eCommerce Application Testing?

The process of testing an e-commerce application is known as e-commerce application testing. It increases the value of the company in the e-commerce industry as well as the market, because eCommerce application testing ensures customer requirements are met and reduces errors.


eCommerce mobile app testing should guarantee:

  • Software quality
  • Software reliability
  • System assurance
  • Capacity optimization 
  • Higher ROI
  • Accessibility, performance, usability 


Because the test cases for e-commerce applications are complex, and testers cannot predict all behaviors of the user, it is difficult for them to catch every possible user action. Also, they occasionally find it challenging to keep up with strategies or tools for testing eCommerce applications due to the quick advancement of technology.




Challenges Of Testing E-Commerce Applications


Account Profiles

Today, everyone enjoys buying online, especially on smartphones. It makes the shopping experience more comfortable and is quite time-efficient. Consequently, you won't always deal with the same clients. Depending on their needs or the things you provide, your eCommercemobile application visitors may change.


eCommerce mobile app testing services are essential for meeting their particular needs. Through testing, you can make sure that all of your consumers can access their user profiles when they register for an account on your eCommerce mobile applications. The tester may have trouble identifying each individual profile activity.



eCommerce mobile application testing is essential for the protection of both businesses and customers. On occasion, hackers seize control of a mobile application. They are aware of the SQL injection attack, the most popular mobile application hacking method.


The majority of mobile applications interface with databases using SQL (Structured Query Language). It enables the creation, insertion, updating, retrieval, and deletion of records from databases on the mobile application.


From saving the history of online purchases to logging into the mobile application, SQL or databases can be utilized for everything. So, eCommerce mobile applications often experience hacking for misuse. It might be difficult for testers to comprehend and use the proper eCommerce mobile app testing scenarios.


Technological Changes

The biggest global trends in eCommerce include product visualization, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). The e-commerce company should be well-prepared for new changes to adapt well to the market.


E-commerce has a variety of types, including B2B (business-to-business), B2C (business-to-consumer), C2B (consumer-to-business), and C2C (consumer-to-consumer). They all stand for a distinct and evolving idea. As a result, the testing procedure for different eCommerce mobile applications may differ. Both testers and developers may face new difficulties as a result of their technological advancements.


That’s why eCommerce mobile app testing should consist of more test cases. Your testers must set up the new environment and operate in accordance with real-time requirements.


Enterprise Ecosystem

On e-commerce mobile applications, everything such as delivery, shipping fees, dispatch addresses, and item taxes differ from client to customer. While making a payment , problems regarding credit cards can occur.


eCommerce applications serve a variety of purposes in addition to purchasing and selling products and services. You must work with business partners to carry out electronic transactions and provide customer services within an organization.


To make sure your firm is carrying out the right eCommerce application testing strategy, all of these duties require the assistance of testing experts. However, it often requires many different e-commerce application testing scenarios to satisfy every requirement of an e-commerce mobile application testing checklist.




Must-Know E-Commerce Project Checklist

1. Homepage

A clickable graphic element, referred to as a "hero image" in a slideshow, has been applied by almost all shopping mobile applications. This hero image takes up the majority of the homepage. You must, therefore, test:


  • Can you hover over it?
  • Is the following image displayed as you scroll?
  • Is it auto-scrolling or not?
  • How frequently will the image change?
  • Can you click on it?
  • Is the information seen?
  • Does this hero picture retain its similarity across browsers and screen sizes?


2. Search Bar

To facilitate the speed of customers’ product searches, ecommerce mobile applications come with a search bar. So, what is a sufficient search bar:

  • Is it visible when visiting the app?
  • Is the data for searching suggestions enough?


3. Login/ Signup

We also take this into account while creating our checklist for testing e-commerce mobile applications. To receive the latest information about discounts or limited editions, you must register or log in. If they have two or more options for creating a profile, people are less likely to create an account with their cellphone numbers. So, what you should consider include:


  • Is it permitted for the mobile application to use the same numbers to create two profiles?
  • Do text boxes function?
  • Is it possible to continue by pressing the continue button?
  • Are the contact details accurate or fake?
  • Can users sign up via their social network accounts (Facebook, Gmail, etc.)?


4. Products Description

Before submitting their payment on the eCommerce mobile application, each consumer checks the product description very carefully. E-commerce application testing guarantees that the user will have a satisfied experience with product description sites, which easily leads to higher conversion rates. For these sites, you should test:


  • Is every feature visible?
  • Is the typeface of the description spelled correctly?
  • When looking for a different product, did the product specifications look different?
  • Does the product description's listed phone number actually work?


5. Payment Gateway

Test scripts for payment sites are one of the most important elements of test cases for e-commerce applications. You should consider:


  • Check out for different payment methods.
  • Text message confirmation.
  • Are all available payment methods (Credit Card, COD, Net Banking) operational?
  • What occurs when I press the "Pay Now" button?
  • Security testing must be done before storing personal financial data.
  • Make sure to test sessions if your customer is having sign-off problems.




Final thoughts

The “all-in-one” answer to meet the needs of online buyers and sellers is e-commerce mobile applications. However, as a business running e-commerce, in order to give your users a satisfying shopping experience, with high-performance speed, usability, and security, an e-commerce mobile application testing strategy is crucial.

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