Criteria To Choose The Best IT Outsourcing Vendor Checklist

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2022-09-06 04:10:32

gct solution criteria to choose it outsourcing vendor

Selecting an ideal IT outsourcing vendor is one of the most important decisions of a business, because all the world is in the digitalization age. Analyzing IT outsourcing vendors based on certain criteria leads to successful IT vendor selection. These criteria vary among companies, depending on your needs and wants. In this article, GCT Solution will suggest to you some IT vendor evaluation criteria usually used by our clients.


Some Popular Criteria For Selecting An IT Vendor

1. Portfolio

2. Years of experience

3. Range of services

4. Location

5. Pricing


Let's analyze each of them step by step!


1. Portfolio

When you have a list of their potential candidates, you must shortlist them one or more than one time. The easiest and most popular way is that you investigate the portfolios of those IT vendors.


You can go to the official website of the IT outsourcing vendor and look for:

  • Their managers and leaders
  • Their projects or case studies 
  • Testimonials from other clients
  • Domains that they are specialized in


And remember to visit their social media such as LinkedIn, and listing sites like Clutch to search for more reviews from their clients.


2. Years Of Experience

Different IT outsourcing vendors have different years of software development experience on the market. They also have different specialized domains. For example, some IT vendors are experts at banking and financial software, but are inexperienced in retail or healthcare mobile apps. 


In other words, you want to look for IT outsourcing vendors who have years of experience on the market, and also have experience in your domain. 


You can find software IT outsourcing vendors with remarkable experience and relevant domain expertise on listing sites such as Clutch and Glassdoor, Upwork. Social media like LinkedIn is also useful.


gct solution Criteria To Choose The Best IT Outsourcing Vendor Checklist


3. Range Of Services

It is important to choose an IT outsourcing vendor which is specialized in your desired services. There are some questions you may need to answer before making a decision:

  • Should I choose end-to-end outsourcing? Or should I outsource a part of the project?
  • Which part of the project needs to be outsourced?
  • Which tech stacks do I need for each phase of the project?
  • Which roles do I need for the project?


4. Location

If you are looking for offshore IT outsourcing vendors, it is important that they can visit your office and development team, which helps both parties to strengthen the partnership. Therefore, you should ideally search for vendors within a short flying distance, maybe 2-6 hours.


In case the location of the IT outsourcing vendor is not too important to you, you would need effective communication channels. At the very least, the IT vendor should provide you with:

  • Communication platforms such as Skype, Slack, and Gmail
  • Apps for project development and progress tracking such as Jira
  • Video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Google Meet and Skype
  • Apps to schedule meetings and tasks such as Google Calendar such as Microsoft Planner


5. Pricing

Pricing seems to be the most considerable factor for many businesses when assessing IT outsourcing vendors. Although pricing is important, you should not depend just on it to make decisions. In some cases, the cheap initial rates with the low quality can result in very high expenses in the long run.


Moreover, cheap rates are frequently referred to low-experienced IT vendors. This can lead to longer product delivery, poor security, higher rates of bug detecting, and low-quality software development. 


gct solution Criteria To Choose The Best IT Outsourcing Vendor

Besides, there are certain factors that can affect the price of hiring IT outsourcing vendor.


Final thought

Choosing an IT outsourcing vendor is not easy at all, because you must consider a lot of factors. IT vendor evaluation criteria provided by GCT Solution may help your way to find a trusted IT vendor become clearer and easier.


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