Best Practices For Chatbots in eCommerce Mobile Apps

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Hieu Tran

2023-02-06 03:59:45

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When having a chatbot for your eCommerce mobile app, you cannot just set it up and ignore it. Chatbots must be maintained and updated over time if you want to exploit them. You must continuously track the effectiveness of your chatbot, gather feedback, and gather analytics. Here are some best practices for chatbots that you can apply to your eCommerce mobile apps.


Leverage eCommerce Mobile Apps: AI Chatbot Best Practices


Monitoring Success Metrics

In order to have conversation success metrics, you must periodically evaluate them. The analytics may include things like average chat time, customer chat ratings, etc. Metrics among companies may be different depending on their long-term and short-term goals. To track the performance of your chatbot, compare metrics over various time frames.


There is a reminder. After each chat, make sure to gather the chat transcripts so you may further analyze them. This can assist you in locating weak points of your chatbot and client problems so you can draft a plan to address them all.


Post-Chat Surveys

You can include a link to an optional survey after each chat is completed. This will allow you to know about the satisfaction level of customers with the performance of the chatbots, and provide ideas for the chatbot's development.


However, not all customers are willing to give their opinion. You should have some methods to encourage them, such as rewarded points or discounts. 


Make the Bot More “Human”

Make sure your chatbots can still have natural conversations like people. Customers should be able to ask inquiries of the bot in natural language, and it should be seamless.


Constantly input new data

Updating chatbots requires you to constantly “feed” them with updated information in order to keep them current. This task may take time, but it is worth it. Your customers will be served well with the latest updates from your eCommerce brand.


Chatbots, nowadays, are very smart. However, it works based on data provided by humans. You, therefore, must inform them, provide them enough information, or give them specifics. So they may learn and develop.


Use NLP (Natural Language Processing) to humanize chatbots

You are recommended to use chatbots with natural language processing (NLP) to understand the human natural language. So that chatbots may communicate and engage in discussion with customers. And conversation transcripts can be simply analyzed and controlled.


Prior to training chatbots, be aware of their limitations

Customers will always value human interaction when handling more complicated inquiries, that’s why they prefer talking to human staff. However, building a customer support team requiring 24/7 support may cause problems in cost and resources. Therefore, chatbots have come to light.


To make customers feel like they are not talking with a “machine”, while optimizing chatbots, you must “teach” to be friendly and empathetic. Complicated problems may appear, the system requires constant maintenance and update, and new data input will take time and effort. But chatbots, due to enormous benefits, are worth your investment. 


Final thoughts

You must concur that creating a successful eCommerce app is a difficult undertaking. However, it is impossible to implement cutting-edge technology and capabilities, such as chatbots. You should follow aforementioned AI chatbot best practices provided by GCT Solution


However, creating customized chatbots is not easy at all. You should choose to employ a company that has experience in the most recent eCommerce mobile app technology, such as GCT Solution, for support.


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