7 Benefits Of Logistics Mobile Apps To SCM

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2023-02-19 12:28:51

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The logistics sector has grown dramatically during the past few decades, dominating new markets and nations. According to the most recent estimates, the worldwide logistics market is worth between $8 trillion and $12 trillion annually. The logistics industry has created a wide range of working opportunities, from packaging products to delivering them to a customer. It is a time-consuming and extensive process without the assistance of digital transformation and development. Logistics businesses can profit greatly from mobile apps. In this article, GCT Solution discusses the benefits of logistics mobile apps to supply chain management.SCM

You must know Uber. In a relatively short period of time, this startup has expanded from San Francisco to 69 countries worldwide. This is an excellent example of how a customized mobile app for logistics can be successful. Even for startups, mobile applications for logistics can help them run their businesses more efficiently. It creates numerous new opportunities for the company to grow. Here are some main reasons why it is still worthwhile to create a mobile app if you own a logistics company.

7 Benefits Of Logistics Mobile Apps To SCM


1. Keep track of vehicle locations

GPS technology has made the world more “flat”. The navigation feature is now available in all transportation-related applications. It tracks the location of the vehicle satellite network, and data is then displayed on the mobile screens. As a result, extensive coverage is achieved, making it possible to track the movement of vehicles in almost any location in real time.


2. Get rid of paperwork

Paperwork can make any work process effort-and-time-consuming. However, things become much easier when you can automate this process. Mobile applications for logistics allow for electronic databases, online paperwork, and data transmission over the Internet. In general, this makes carrying out online payments, issuing receipts, and keeping an electronic budget become simpler and simpler.


3. Boost fleet management

A company may have its own fleet of vehicles. And the more vehicles they control, the more difficult it is to keep track of them. The development of a freight industry application allows for better vehicle maintenance and the expansion of goods transport services.

The app will collect, update, and store all truck fleet information, such as operating time, maintenance plan, engine and brake condition, and so on. It is a great way to make your cargo transportation fleet as secure as possible.


4. Shorten delivery time and lowers costs

Creating a mobile app for a logistics company allows you to automatically predict fuel costs, create the most efficient plan, and reduce empty miles. All of these are excellent ways to reduce delivery costs and increase delivery speed, thereby increasing your competitive advantage.


5. Constant Cargo Tracking

Another important benefit of logistic mobile apps is the ability to track each shipment. You will know where any parcel is going from your warehouse, which truck it is on, and when it will arrive. Furthermore, a light version of such an option can be added to the customer application to increase transportation transparency and thus attract more customers. To track your cargo, you can use RFID / NFC technologies or QR codes.



6. Improve dispatches and routes

Another reason logistics companies require a mobile app is to improve shipping efficiency. You can significantly reduce downtime by automating internal processes that calculate the most optimal route and adjust the dispatch schedule.



7. Convenient Online Booking

Several companies provide the option of online parcel booking, allowing customers to easily order delivery. By skipping some steps in the delivery process, you can enhance the shopping experience of customers. You no longer need to go to the courier service center, for example, to receive your delivery. You can take orders online and save a lot of time. You will be able to make more deliveries as a result. This is an excellent opportunity for startups to expand their operations.



Final thoughts

Creating a custom mobile application for logistics is a great way to boost your company's efficiency, cut costs, and gain new customers. Contact our experts if you want to develop an effective logistics mobile app, we will gladly provide you with a complimentary consultation.

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