5 Things You Need To Know About Api Use Cases In Mobile Apps: An Example In Digital World

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Trinh Nguyen

2022-11-02 09:37:02

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People encounter hundreds of use cases for APIs on a daily basis. The heart of the digital transformation is based on our activities. In fact, customers change their consumption behaviors by swiftly turning to supply chains, e-commerce platforms, and other services. Currently, industries that can gather, provide, and/or handle real-time information that offers them the ultimate competitive advantage will be able to meet our requirements more quickly.


To obtain these goals, API is the solution for businesses.


When it comes to businesses that are at the forefront of the digital economy, the application programming interface (API) is a key enabler. APIs enable two-way, real-time connectivity and communication. Additionally, API integration's adaptability, scalability, and speed benefit sectors that depend on precise, timely, and actionable data that enhance our daily lives.


Let’s check out the industries' API use cases below to see how they significantly accelerated the digital transformation of our daily lives.


1. Social Media Platforms

Social networking, one of the most widely utilized technologies today, is a notable application of APIs. From log-in to log-out, this technology that makes it easier to share ideas, opinions, and information employs APIs. Every social media site, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others, has a unique API, and the majority of them let developers access its features and incorporate them into mobile apps.


As an illustration, the log-in API has made it simple for us to confirm our identities on other applications without having to go through a time-consuming verification procedure. It's practical, right?


2. Banking/ Digital Wallet

Daily needs and other consumer goods may now be purchased more easily thanks to online shopping. If you have purchased something from Amazon, you most certainly used an online bank. You can make a purchase without leaving the e-commerce site thanks to an API in action. You can just confirm payment on the e-commerce site by logging into your bank, then leaving the rest to the API.




3. Money Management

A seamless customer experience is not only desired but also expected. When a money management company began looking for a solution to build a Banking-as-a-Service platform, it looked to APIs for answers.


As part of its digital transformation initiative, the bank built a money management platform to deliver a comprehensive digital experience ranging from phone, web, or through mobile devices. An API-led approach to connectivity allows the bank to integrate applications to deliver a more responsive and robust experience for both customers and partners.


4. Retailers In Different Industries

IT is taking on a more important role in providing the answers because shops look for innovative ways to create more memorable customer experiences. In order to fulfill the need for labour forces, IT worked to build an omnichannel system that would power an in-store digital experience.


Customers have multiple ways to interact with a business and a product thanks to omnichannel. In order to combine brick-and-mortar and eCommerce, stay relevant through digital networks, and provide a smooth consumer experience, businesses sought to take advantage of an omnichannel system. To accomplish this, they needed to build a platform that could link many endpoints and provide excellent service while retaining control.


5. Healthcare Services

While new medical technologies and medical discoveries may be the face of medical innovation, APIs are offering businesses an advantage when it comes to providing high-quality patient care.


To ensure that doctors and other staff members could have a thorough awareness of patients' needs, a significant private health system sought a mechanism to expose data across the business. MuleSoft assisted the private health system in building 15 APIs in 4 months to expose data throughout their electronic health record system with the goal of creating a linked network spanning 7 facilities and 40,000 employees. This system can now improve patient care planning, interact with partner organizations to improve results, and increase IT agility thanks to API-led connection.


Every sector of business is using APIs to create digital solutions. Download the MuleSoft Connectivity Benchmark Report 2018 to learn more about the benefits of API adoption and how your company can use them to support digital transformation. The report also explains how MuleSoft supports customers in achieving other business objectives in addition to digital transformation.




Final Thoughts

As customer behaviors are constantly changing, turning regular activities into digital touchpoints, businesses should indeed innovate their operation and services. This demands a rising need for API development, as it is the key solution for services such as banking, money management, omnichannel system, e-commerce platform, etc. to easily approach their targeted audiences. This article has shown some API use cases that necessitate the development of API. If you are interested in creating your own business with a seamless experience, kindly consider services from GCT Solution - leading software and website development company in Vietnam.

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