7 Primary Techniques Used For Game Testing

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Chi Vo

2022-11-03 09:04:49

gct solution 7 techniques for game testing

The expansion of the gaming industry necessitates the development of a high-quality game testing process. Indeed, it was recently recognized that some major leaguers suffered client displeasure as a result of bug-ridden games. This results in huge income loss and dissatisfied users, lowering the company's and game's reliability.

Therefore, a comprehensive testing procedure is extremely needed. Especially, it’s a need to understand different techniques used in game testing. Knowing that GCT Solution - a top IT outsourcing in Vietnam with standard testing quality will show you 7 critical game testing techniques utilized in the gaming industry.


1. Functionality Testing: 

As the name implies, functional testing verifies an application's functionality in accordance with the standards.


Throughout the process, the QA team looks for generic application issues such as asset integrity, audio video, scalability, graphical representation, and so on.


In addition, the testing team checks the application's performance during quick restart, switch-off, and crash conditions. The QA team constructs these settings by taking into account real-world scenarios.


Highlighted Functions:

  • Validates the product's performance in accordance with the requirements document.
  • The testing method is classified as black-box testing.
  • Functional testing takes longer than other testing methods because the QA team evaluates intact elements such as images, texts, user comfort, and so on.
  • Furthermore, functional testing validates installation, network issues, and support techniques.


2. Combinational Testing: 

The QA team employs the combinational testing approach to examine the performance of the gaming application.


This game testing strategy aids in the early detection of bugs, making the development process more productive.


Furthermore, the testing process evaluates whether or not the requirement document is followed. QA experts use numerous combinations of inputs to synchronize the output during combinational testing.


Furthermore, without combinational testing, a gaming application is incomplete because it pushes quality and productivity.


If you are in the process of developing a gaming application, you should surely use combinational testing.


Highlighted Functions:


  • Combinational testing verifies the product's performance across all potential parameter combinations.
  • The approach's reports are systematic and easy to understand.
  • Combinational testing is carried out by the QA team using three ways. Catalog-based testing, Pair testing, and Category-partition testing are examples.


3. Experimentation:

The team does not work on any pre-created game testing case in this testing procedure. They run live tests on the entire system. Furthermore, the testing method's premise emphasizes "Imagination ability" rather than traditional testing.


A tester must study the game application and identify flaws depending on his or her thinking ability. Furthermore, Agile models include exploratory testing, which focuses on learning, thinking, investigating, and imagining.


Exploratory testing is necessary before releasing a gaming application into the public domain since it provides room for testers.


As a result, the team discovers faults on behalf of the public and improves the program.


Highlighted Functions: 


  • There is no need to build test cases ahead of time.
  • Only during testing does the team generate test cases.
  • "Thinking & Investigation" is central to the notion.
  • Allows testers to explore additional testing settings.
  • It increases productivity.




4. Compatibility Testing

The primary goal of compatibility testing is to identify compatible issues. As we all know, gaming applications are dominating, and people are obsessed with them.


In such a case, an application should live up to end-user expectations. Even within the same technology, there are multiple versions of devices, necessitating compatibility testing.


A game application should operate at the same rate on all mobile devices.


As a result, testers validate an application's responsiveness across all mobile devices by taking into account basic elements such as resolutions, audio, videos, graphics, and so on.


As an automation testing firm, we are concerned with testing technologies that ensure application compatibility and performance.


Highlighted Functions:


  • Compatibility testing determines the application's compatibility across all devices. It also compares the designs and texts across all screen sizes.
  • It also validates the product's performance across several operating systems and browsers.
  • Ensures the application's stability and scalability.


5. Cleanroom Testing: 

When testing gaming applications, cleanroom testing is required. Sometimes the QA team raises defects in a series, and they are unable to pinpoint the particular cause.


As a result, Cleanroom Testing is critical in such instances. The technique of this testing approach allows one to pinpoint the root cause of issues and small errors.


Furthermore, Cleanroom testing methodologies increase the productivity of the gaming application while decreasing testing labor. Even testers can have fun while testing.


As a premier testing organization, we have complete control over all testing methodologies.


Highlighted Functions:


  • Cleanroom testing is a concept that combines statistical reasoning, design modifications, and mathematical understanding.
  • The testing approach establishes the application's minimum faults.
  • There is no idea of programmer testing because programming begins after an appropriate definition.


6. Play Evaluation:


As the name implies, the tester in this testing approach must play the game as a player. The QA team acts as a player to see if any errors occur.


It also helps to collect generic issues whenever we test a game as a player. The team is also given the opportunity to test all non-functional elements.


They can also estimate the level of entertainment provided by the game application. Overall, this testing strategy contributes to the application being original, interesting, and player-centric.


This is most likely a tester's preferred testing method, although one should always be cautious. They must strike a balance between entertainment, accessibility, and appearance.


Highlighted Functions:


  • Because it established a live environment, the QA team should constantly consider Play Testing.
  • The approach focuses on real-world scenarios such as fun facts, user engagement, and so on.


7. Regression Analysis:

Regression Testing is one of the most important approaches to use when testing. It ensures the application's capabilities by keeping futuristic changes in place.


Regression Testing also rechecks the complete functioning of the application from the ground up, highlighting new flaws. During this testing, the developer re-executes the code and compares the results to earlier results.


Nobody can afford to compromise on quality, so each stage of testing is valuable in and of itself. After regression testing, a gaming application gets more productive.


Highlighted Functions:


  • Regression tests must be re-validated and re-run.
  • Compares the results of previous and current tests to identify flaws.
  • By using overall judgment, it ensures the quality of an application.




Final thoughts:

Finally, it doesn't matter how wonderful your game concept is if the final result is filled with bugs. Due to that, users will be unable to play it smoothly, resulting in the failure of your game. Given the present situation, we offer multi-platform QA game testing services during the prototype, development, soft launch, and post-release process. Please contact us if you have any questions about improving the quality of your game testing.

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