6 Top Web Design Trends 2023 You Should Keep In Mind

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Chi Vo

2022-12-14 10:04:45

gct solution 6 web design trends 2023

Author: Chi Vo - Content Writer

Statistically, 90% of users decide to leave a website because it is poorly designed. Indeed, a comprehensive website should be user-friendly and catch up with up-to-date trends. Especially if you're a web designer, keeping up with the latest design trends will help you satisfy the most demanding clients. Here are some of the most significant web design trends we expect will dominate in 2023. 


1. AI-generated imagery

Although AI-based art is argumentative among artistic circles, it is still certainly a major web app design trend in 2023. With AI-generated imagery, designers no longer must spend days changing the color pallet to achieve desirable harmony and contrast.


AI art has a unique style that web designers can be benefited from. AI-generated art can be an interesting style choice for brands that want to express their opinion on a controversial topic. From strange proportions to questionable color choices, AI-generated art can be a smart choice for brands that want to quickly stand out from the crowd.


2. Immersive storytelling by scrolling

Thanks to immersive scrolling, designers can associate with the content team to control whatever they want to display to the website’s users, and how the content is presented. 


Also known as "scroll telling," immersive scrolling involves presenting content to users more intentionally and narratively. With the addition of slick animations and dynamic features to your website's static components, customers will be more engaged with the website.


Beneficially, immersive scrolling stimulates client intrigue and invites them to interact with your website’s content that they would have sometimes disregarded.


While this is one of the significant UX/UI design trends for 2023 that marketers should bear in mind, it is important to remember that it must fit your company and promote your marketing objectives. 


3. Smart lazy loading

Let’s imagine, if your website were a book, the user could only view one page at a time. By employing smart lazy loading, a company's website can run faster and more efficiently than those of competitors who do not use lazy loading. The content must come first, then the rest can come later. 


This method can be useful in the long run if your company's website contains much content, especially if it is visual, animated, or video. Your clients have only milliseconds to determine if they want to stay on your website long enough to create an impression, and lazy loading will keep those milliseconds focused on what matters: the content that's attracting your customers.


gct solution web design trends


4. Personalized content

Users value purchasing and browsing experiences that feel customized and targeted to them. Give customers this experience by integrating personalization options, such as location-based suggestions and results based on their browsing habits, onto your website.


Moreover, by integrating user data trends and location services, web developers can provide a more tailored online experience for a client base, hence boosting the company's conversion potential.


5. 3D design transformation

By utilizing AR and VR technologies, 3D design is increasingly popular as it can gain more attraction to your website’s static elements. Akin to the benefits of immersive scrolling, 3D and animated elements provide real-time action to your website's design and gain more user engagement.


Not only for UI, UX is also improved as 3D design encourages more user interaction with the website, which significantly reduces the bounce rate.


On the other hand, designers should wisely take advantage of this trend, as redundant 3D and animated visual aids can make users feel overwhelmed. To avoid that, your 3D design must be efficient and can support other content on your website. Make sure it should be integrated with your existing static content.


6. Ensure people-first content

A website is pointless if it cannot appear on search result pages and reach targeted audiences. To ensure the website's search engine ranking, your business must oblige to Google's search ranking system. 


According to the new ranking system, instead of implementing SEO tips and tricks as a robot, Google recommends website builders prioritize people-first content, which means that your design and content must be human-oriented. 


The time of racing and following SEO tips and tricks has long gone, as the Google system is becoming smarter than ever. Your content and design of your website must be unique when it comes to organic SEO, or else, don’t find it surprising if your website rank is not improved despite how hard you tried.


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Final thoughts

In a constantly changing era, it’s incredibly essential to keep abreast of the latest trend. Especially for web designers, who have to continuously create and innovate every day. GCT Solution hopes this blog can assist you and your company have an overall outlook on the 2023 UI UX design trends, thereby can take these best practices into use. 


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