How 5G Technology Transforms Mobile App Development

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Hieu Tran

2022-07-20 04:05:43

gct solution 5g transforms mobile app development

To meet the expectations of consumers, cutting-edge technologies continue to emerge in our digital age, delivering enhanced connectivity, simpler accessibility, and faster speeds. 5G technology is the solution, bringing great benefits to Software Development Company, especially in carrying out Mobile App Development with extra features.  


1. Overview of 5G technology 

Cellular technologies have developed over the past few years, moving from 1G (analog) through 2G (GPRS), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE), and now 5G - the fifth generation of wireless cellular networks. It is a brand-new technology, not a more developed version of 4G, that will increase smartphone connectivity to networks and enhance user experiences. 


Lag-free networking has numerous applications, from reducing traffic accidents to foreseeing factory lines. It is hardly surprising that 5G has drawn a lot of interest since its eagerly anticipated launch in April 2019. The globe is focused on 5G despite the fact that a wide-scale rollout has been delayed because to COVID-19. Mobile operators invest $160 billion annually to build up and enhance their networks. 


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2. Key benefits of 5G to Mobile App Development 

  • Speed: Due to its 100 times higher speed than 4G, 5G is anticipated to function faster than LTE. LTE is currently the fastest mobile technology, with a maximum data transfer rate of 300 megabits per second (Mbps). In contrast, 5G has the capacity to transmit up to 3 Gigabits of data per second (Gbps). In the future, this speed is anticipated to double to 10 Gbps. Being able to transfer and download files in just a few seconds would benefit users and increase the usability of the app. 


  • Latency: The ability to connect instantly is undoubtedly one of the user's expectations when using the Internet. The 5G technology network can address this problem by reducing the 50 millisecond delay time of 4G technology to 1 millisecond, resulting in faster website loading times. To put it another way, this new technology's almost minimal latency makes it ideal for driverless cars, remote medical treatments, and responsive virtual reality. 


  • Connectivity: If you've ever tried to use mobile data in a busy environment, you know the value of connection density for the user. 4G can only support 2000 devices within a 0.38 mile radius, in contrast to the 1 million devices that 5G can connect with. 


  • Bandwidth: With more connected devices, 4G won't be able to meet the need for overall speed. Thanks to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the ongoing demand for real-time, high-throughput data for a variety of applications, we may now welcome technological growth toward 5G. By achieving peak data speeds of up to 20 Gbps with 5G, we will be able to sustain our infrastructure and satisfy the constantly shifting demands of the global community. 


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3. Main impacts of 5G technology on Mobile App Development 

  • Implementation of IoT will be perfect: One of the earliest applications of IoT will be in mobile app development. Connecting smart devices, wearable technology, and sensor-based machinery will become simpler and more seamless with the advent of 5G technologies. Additionally, it will work effectively with limited bandwidth and use less electricity. Additionally, IT developers can enhance your mobile app's intelligence by providing customized recommendations, automated reasoning methods, adjusting to user behavior, voice optimization, and opportunities to design and deploy codes by merging AI and machine learning with 5G technology.  


  • Video streaming will be smoother: Mobile consumers may benefit from 5G technology's capacity to support high-resolution video at quicker rates. The maximum download speed can range from 1 GBPS to 20 GBPS depending on the 5G coverage, and latency can be as low as 1 millisecond. Live streaming won't experience any hiccups as a result.


  • Better GPS performance: The accuracy of information transfer will result in improved GPS functioning in mobile app development. Real-time accuracy will be guaranteed by 5G's higher speeds and better connectivity, improving the efficiency of navigational apps. As a result, as self-driving cars become more effective, as well as better connected experiences via wearable technology and portable devices, the automotive industry will gain immensely. 


  • Enhanced cloud compatibility: One of 5G's most important features is its scalability. It features fast transmission speeds, making it easier and faster to upload the file to the cloud. Cloud storage and the relocation of technological infrastructure will also be made possible by 5G. It implies that by introducing cloud accessibility into mobile app development, developers may now lessen their reliance on device hardware. Additionally, customers may readily access their cloud storage due to the low latency and great speed. Using cloud computing will enable you to streamline your company. 


  • More scopes on AR/ VR integration: It is essentially difficult for mobile app developers to incorporate many AR/VR services due to network constraints and latency. The 5G Technology Network, which offers more interactive and engaging experiences by processing larger volumes of data at considerably quicker speeds, has, however, completely transformed everything. Many businesses, like eCommerce and retail, can profit from the combination of AR and VR since it will alter the shopping experience by enabling customers to try on garments without physically visiting the store, for example. 


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Final thoughts 

To sum up, 5G will revolutionize the creation of mobile apps by enabling them to perform beyond the capabilities of 5G-enabled devices. Mobile app developers will need to take use of advantages of 5G due to changing customer demands. 

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