5 eLearning Software Trends For 2023

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2022-12-07 07:02:31

gct solution 5 elearning software trends for 2023

In the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional learning has proven to be a significant barrier for both corporations and educational institutions. However, these constraints accelerated the adoption of new technologies in response to specific educational demands. The pandemic, looked at the positive side, is a catalyst for the revolution in elearning software trends. Methods that businesses and educational institutions distribute their training and learning have changed a lot.


Students must maintain their study. Companies and organizations cannot postpone the L&D (learning and development) activities. As a result, elearning was prioritized, aiming at maintaining ordinary learning activities.


Here, GCT Solution lists the top 5 elearning software trends for 2023. Elearning software influences studying methods, gives access to global learning materials, and provides technological tools to customize the particular needs of each person.


Lockdown restrictions have strengthened the online learning sector. The LMS (Learning Management System) market is expected to rise to $44.49 billion by 2028 (Globe Newswire, 2021). This prediction suggests that the demand for elearning tools will keep growing at a record-breaking rate.


Beside Covid-19, gaining knowledge in diverse fields is accelerating elearning software trends. The number of edX users increased by 15 times in April 2020 (CNBC, 2021), whose main reason, according to edX, is employee upskilling concerns. The expectation of job promotion also played a significant role in the rise in interest in e-learning, as today staff are encouraged to  know about cutting-edge fields like AI and machine learning.


The above impressive numbers illustrate the rapid expansion of online learning, both in the past, in the present and in the future. The following trends towards elearning software for 2023 will help businesses and educational institutions plan both short-term and long-term plans to adapt to global changes in the education sector.


5 Elearning Software Trends For 2023 Forecasted By GCT Solution

1. VR & AR

2. Gamification

3. Off-the-shelf Learning Content

4. Smart Content Curation

5. No-code Tools


1. VR & AR

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are important elearning technologies, which can turn boring lessons into lively ones, with vivid animations, effects and graphics. Virtual co-working spaces, webcasts, audio and video conferencing, file sharing, and co-creation of content are some examples of AR/VR. These technologies, therefore, can create amazing experiences for learners.


VR and AR can grow sharply in the next few years. In 2023, it is anticipated that businesses will spend $4.26 billion on VR (Arinsider, 2020). VR and AR are expected to receive $12.6 billion in global spending on advanced educational technology by 2025, followed by $6.1 billion for AI (artificial intelligence) (Oxford Business Group, 2019). The VR market will develop to generate more than $24.5 billion in sales by 2024 (ABI Research, 2020). VR has substantially grown along with the development and expansion of business. It is easy to foresee that AR and VR has been one of significant trends in elearning. 


Educational institutions can adapt AR and VR to attract more new students, provide more options for learners and enhance the productivity in the teaching-studying processes. Businesses can make use of AR and VR to optimize L&D activities, thus optimizing the available workforce and increasing productivity of employees. 


2. Gamification

Gamification is another elearning trend. It motivates students by using video games and game elements in learning environments. Gamification is a concept of micro learning, which aims at memory enhancement and avoidance of information overloaded. Gamification in education is particularly suitable for millennial learners who are tech-savvy, and must study a lot of things to become significant in the competitive labor market.


The market for game-based learning is predicted to grow from $3.5 billion in 2018 to $24 billion by 2024 (Statista, 2021). In another report, the global gamification market is forecasted to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.4% from $9.1 billion in 2020 to $30.7 billion in 2025 (Forbes, 2022). 


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3. Off-the-shelf Learning Content

Udemy, Coursera, or LinkedIn Learning are familiar to students worldwide. You probably came upon one of these commercial learning programs while pursuing self-learning. The need for online education and alternative credentials increased during and even after the pandemic.


The learning modules for pre-designed courses cover a wide range of topics. After each lesson or course, there are examinations for users to reevaluate. If they pass these exams, they can have certifications. These courses are both free or priced. 


Udemy reported a 425% increase in enrollment during the lockdown in April 2020 (Udemy, 2020). With 1.3 billion people expected to reach working age in the next 10 years, Coursera calculates that the total addressable market for education is astonishing $2 trillion (Coursera, 2021). However, Coursera provides less expensive courses compared with Udemy. Udemy courses range from $50 to $200, while Coursera courses charge $49 for certification.


Upskilling is simple with off-the-shelf courses thanks to instant access to concise and focused content. This is the reason why this trend has changed the landscape of e-learning and why it will keep reshaping how education is delivered in the upcoming years.


4. Smart Content Curation

It can take time to read through irrelevant material. When there is too much content available, learning is frequently challenging for students. By giving learners options, organizations or educational institutions apply smart content curation in their L&D strategy.


Finding, choosing, and distributing the greatest and most pertinent content on the internet is the practice of smart content curation. This aims to cater to the requirements of a certain audience. Because online training must be targeted and concentrated, smart content curation is compulsory in e-learning.


In 2022, more than 6 million blog posts are published every day across 1.9 billion global websites (Zippia, 2022). Until 2023, Google has indexed more than 200 million active websites and more than 55 billion web pages. The numbers will suarely increase (Safari Digital, 2022).


Smart content curation delivers timely and organized content by filtering pertinent information on a specific topic. When a piece of relevant information is immediately shared, this improves social learning and makes elearning more successful. Analytics-driven intelligent content development produces rich content that gives students important knowledge.


The microlearning-based content curation tool is another elearning trend associated with content curation in addition to smart content curation. Platforms for learning experiences are being used that incorporate artificial intelligence. The AI-powered algorithm of microlearning-based content curation tools takes note of preferences and behaviors of the learners. A carefully curated content has all pertinent information, which aids in better comprehension.


5. No-code Tools

The development of no-code tools altered the technological environment. This e-learning movement gave designers more power, and 84% of businesses are now using no-code technologies since they can free up IT resources (Globe Newswire, 2019).


A designer no longer needs to collaborate with a developer on every project thanks to no-code technologies. This elearning trend gave marketing teams more leverage and made it possible for designers to maneuver in an area that was previously exclusively accessible to engineers.


No-code tools lowered the barrier of learning programming languages, at least for tech-averse users. Prior to no-code technology, developers had to prioritize feature development with bug fixes and changes for new projects. With the advent of no-code technologies, they could reduce time and money they spent creating a website or mobile app.


No-code technology has become more prevalent over the past ten years to meet the demands of developers while also accelerating work for other business units. The content creation technologies, automated workflows, streamlined content creation, and removal of barriers to creative output, are some results of this progress. By reducing the amount of time needed to set up technological infrastructure, this elearning trend has the potential to result in significant cost and time savings.


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Final thoughts

The Covid-19 epidemic has boosted the development of technologies that continuously improve and redefine how we learn in the context of e-learning. In addition to ease, the digitalization of learning provided enterprises and institutions with ways to gather significant insights that guide learning strategy.


The future of education is e-learning. The forecasts for trends towards elearning software for 2023 show a promising future for humans. The elearning software will continue to equip and empower communities and civilizations as a result of these developments, which emphasize equal access and customisation to meet the needs of every learner.


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