5 Significant Applications Of Blockchain In Education Domain

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Chi Vo

2022-08-19 05:03:34

gct solution 5 applications blockchain in education

Global education sector has changed thanks to blockchain technology. Blockchain can greatly enhance the education domain with digital academic assets, online classrooms, etc. In this article, GCT Solution, a blockchain development company in Vietnam, will show 5 applications of blockchain in education that are popular worldwide.


The Major Problems Of Education Sector In The Age Of Technology


To enhance the education sector worldwide, it is important to solve the following problems:


Ineffective record-keeping practices

Educational institutions use paper-intensive, ineffective systems to manage academic records, certificates, and awards. The impersonation is a risk with these approaches.


Manual identity management procedures

Institutions of higher learning handle student identities through manual processes. This makes it challenging for students to remember their credentials and certifications. Forgery is quite dangerous.


Inadequate methods for establishing teacher-student accountability

A teacher makes every effort to make sure that students complete their assignments in accordance with the set standards. It might be challenging to provide all kids this much time.


Processes for tracking inefficient learner performance

Educational institutions use time-consuming, paperwork-intensive procedures to monitor students' progress. These methods slow down information flow.


Transcript management challenges

Students find it challenging to obtain transcripts of their academic records from educational institutions. Manual procedures are to blame for this issue.


gct solution blockchain in education


Blockchain In Education: What Are Significant Use Cases?


1. Comprehensive and transparent record-keeping

Thanks to immutable blockchain storage, the school's registrar's office will only have to create a student record only once. After then, everyone involved in the educational system can access it, and institutions may even share it. Each task, project, involvement in the classroom, and participation in extracurricular activities is added to the student's digital record as blocks, which may be viewed on his/her profile. As a result, teachers, guidance counselors, and school officials can closely monitor the development of their children.


A student only needs to give a link or their digital address to allow others access to their profile. This type of solution ensures the full authenticity of credentials and student records because the complete history of revisions with signatures is maintained on the blockchain.


gct solution blockchain in education record keeping


2. Smart contracts enhance student accountability

Teachers can utilize blockchain smart contracts to make digital agreements with their pupils over the completion of their assignments. The agreement specifies all of the assignment specifications, including the guidelines, conditions, due date, and deadlines. The next section of the course may be automatically accessible if a student completes the assignment and complies with all the terms of the agreement, or they may be awarded credit and a completion certificate.


In the end, smart contracts can help provide personalized instruction within a standard classroom setting and add the incentive component lacking in conventional educational systems.


gct solution blockchain in education smart contract


3. File storage & Partnership platform

For institutions to keep digital curriculum, records, certificates, and other documents, there will be a large amount of file storage space required. Since we save everything on local hard disks, we have the sense that the files are centralized. It would be a big problem if the hard disks were broken or compromised in any manner. Although cloud storage is a possibility, many institutions find it difficult to get the necessary amount.


Blockchain will serve as a platform for sharing and communication in addition to serving as an open record-keeping system. The goal of universities and colleges is to give students a satisfying educational experience. Relationships between students and teachers are crucial because they enable pupils to learn without having to hire someone else to do the work when they receive enough guidance and one-on-one supervision.


Departments can also submit details about important lectures and events using the blockchain-based platform. As a result, graduates and teachers are guaranteed to have strong, long-lasting relationships. This is an easy way to get rid of potential barriers.


gct solution blockchain in education storage


4. Fast and accurate payments

The procedure of student payments need a lot of labor and may involve the student, parents, bursary organizations, financial institutions, administrations, and educational institutions. The blockchain makes it possible for students to retain their own cryptocurrency funds, which they can use to pay for any additional costs of their higher education.


Any new technology has significant challenges in gaining widespread acceptability before it is put to use. Take a look at several instances where blockchain integration in education has improved knowledge exchange and learning.


gct solution blockchain in education payment


5. Copyright and digital rights protection

Certificates,credentials, and grades of students can be recorded on a blockchain in addition to their student data. Blockchain-based solutions have the ability to guarantee intellectual property rights, monitor and facilitate accreditation for schools, colleges, and universities, and stop diploma and transcript forgeries. It prevents students from presenting phony degrees to potential employers, which happens far too frequently. The blockchain allows for quick access to and transmission of educational records to other institutions and businesses, such as potential employers. Any employer should simply have access to the digital diploma rather than having to get in touch with the organization that issues a paper copy of the diploma.


The academic community faces a severe problem with plagiarism. Blockchain technology can be used to disseminate protected information across the Internet. The technology's primary goal is to safeguard the chained data that has been collected. As a result, due to the extensive encryption methods in place, data inside the chain cannot be manually modified.


gct solution blockchain in education copyright


Final thought

As a result, thanks to blockchain in education, the academic resources will be available, safe, and immutable. Each piece of material is recorded, and the owner has full control over who has access to it. It is possible to track online usage and easily determine who is the owner. Strong security measures also guard against tampering with this data.


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