4 Most Common Types Of Mobile Logistics Management Apps

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Chi Vo

2023-02-16 08:30:15

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You can already see how much logistics applications development allows a company to grow and expand. However, it is important to remember that there are various types of logistics applications. In this article, GCT Solution will suggest 4 most common types of mobile apps for logistics, so you can decide which one you need.


4 Mobile Logistics Apps That Your Business Can Apply


1. Mobile Fleet Management Apps

This type of application is especially important for businesses with a large fleet of vehicles. It allows you to track all trucks, receive new information about the condition of vehicles, as well as inspect trucks on time. 


This application can bring many benefits. First, drivers and staff can update truck data. Second, you will have a personal admin panel where you can track fleet statistics, car condition, and so on. Reporting, real-time data validation, problem reporting, truck tracking, quick data updates, and a database with photos and documents are also important features.


2. On-Demand Logistics Mobile Apps

Logistics application development includes the ability to better interact with customers, allowing them to be served rapidly. The essence of such software is that it connects logistics companies and stakeholders, allowing for a faster delivery process. As a result, the application is divided into three sections: the carrier, the shipper, and the administration panel.


Here is how it works: the sender submits a request for goods carriage, indicating the destination, weight, volume, and cost. The platform finds the driver who is closest to the warehouse and ready to pick it up and notifies him. The request is accepted by the driver, and the cargo is picked up. You and the shipping company can track the vehicle's location in real time. The platform closes the delivery and generates an invoice for the shipping company once the driver arrives at the destination and delivers the shipment.


3. Warehouse Mobile Applications

This type of application is especially beneficial for businesses with their own warehouses. Its essence is to ensure that all goods are delivered on time and that their location is determined. In general, you will be able to track all of your deliveries in real time and thus receive timely information.


To quickly obtain information about each cargo in the warehouse, the application is typically based on QR code technology. Because the code recognition function is built into almost every smartphone, this is also a great way to save money on scanner purchases. Such applications will aid in the optimization of the warehouse management process by checking details and managing domestic and international deliveries effectively. It also computes the arrival time at the destination, the travel time, the truck speed, and the best route.



4. Tracking and monitoring apps

Another option for the company on the way of digitalization is to track the movements of vehicles and obtain route information. You will be able to see the journey and the condition of vehicles at all times with the advancement of mobile applications. In general, creating customized mobile apps is crucial if you must control a large fleet of vehicles, and need to deliver a large number of parcels every day. A vehicle location tracking mobile app will cover all trucks at the same time and send the most recent reports and data.


Final thoughts

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